The winter seems to be coming nearer and nearer in the northern parts of the world. Today, Distrita got a news item thru CBC in Canada that the southeastern part of Manitoba in Canada is getting loads of snow falls right now.

15 Centimeters with Snow expected on Thursday in Southeastern Manitoba, Canada

The snow flakes is pouring down. It is expected to see 15 centimeters of snow in the southeastern Manitoba, Canada. If this happened in Norway, people would be very happy and put on their skis on each food and wander around in the woods for sure.

Here in Norway, we having 18C in Oslo, Norway right now. Its pretty warm as last week we had minus degrees. A very nice autumn, but when the first snowfall will come is unclear. Accuweather said before that it will start to snow in the end of October, but now its changed. Now it looks like we have to wait until December to see the very first snow fall.

Significant snow fall because of a low pressure system over Lake Superior

Because of this low pressure over Lake Superior which is located in the Ontario municipality, that divides Canada and USA. These snow falls in southeastern Manitoba municipality is getting heavier than usual.

Only a few centimetres is expected in the Canadian city Winnipeg though. So, winter is coming!