Tired of entering credit card numbers say?

If you have an iPhone. Then in autumn this year, you will be able to take picture of the card and the digits fed automatically into your store.

This will be lovely to drop
When iOS 8 gets launched in the autumn, it will introduce payment like this for the first time.

This is about as delicious as dropping Java and bankID chip when to keep track of the economics of online banking.

Built-in Safari
Safari in iOS 7 already gives the user the option to store credit cards, but what is new is thus that from the same browser takes a picture of your card.

The beauty of this is that the technology is baked into Apple’s own browser, so you do not have to wait for the developers to bake it in just its online store.

Really interesting news. Distrita hopes that this feature will put into Android, BlackBerry and Sailfish OS also.

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