Since the dawn of time, I have been in love with Sonic the Hedgehog is a character that I really laugh I also played Mario but Sony has always been in my heart from the very first time when I saw it on a friend’s SEGA Mega Drive.

So to actually have seen someone making a movie out of Sonic is really appreciated because I have seen lots of Mario entertainment productions. But I haven’t seen much of the Sonic X cartoons before. None of the tv channels here in Norway broadcasted them. 

Acting is Great in Sonic The Hedgehog 

In my early days, I found out that Mario is not that special. Mario is a Dude that is eating mushrooms and getting high but Sonic seems to be high all the time when he runs. Sonic is simply a much cooler character for me and that’s well documented in this movie.

Sonic is a character that is unique to millions of platform gamers all over the world. He is friendly and fast. They have really made Sonic alive. You can watch this movie also as proof of that. The bad guy which is known as Eggman in Norway is awesome in it and it’s even better when you know that Jim Carrey got his role. He nails the role so much. It is interesting to see him getting more and madder.

Before seeing this movie I had a suspicious thought about Jim Carrey being too overacting but he did a job much better than I thought. His way of acting like Eggman in this movie that I really appreciated from the start to end. Finally, Jim Carrey is back and he acts very well. Much better than expected and that made this Sonic movie many times better for a Sonic fan that also likes Jim Carrey like me.

Jim Carrey mentioned even that the reason for him saying Yes to play Eggman in this movie is because his daughter loves to play the game. Now, that’s a noble thing to do. What a great father he is!

Film Makers Listened to the Community

Finally, this move has become a reality and the fact that the film producers and the Makers listened to the fans. In fall 2019 the producers released a trailer with Sonic looking more like a human and not like in the game Which I totally agree with since this movie is based on the Sonic the Hedgehog game. 

I have always loved the speed of Sonic which is something unique when Sonic The Hedgehog that just keeps on running into his enemies that get crushed. But he can also use this power to run fast to any place. His speed is well made into this movie without being too massive. The way they made Sonic run, talk and act in this movie is really nice.

From Green Hill zone to mechanical zones, Sonic has always been my hero and what a surprise this movie is. Also, in the end, things happen but I don’t want to spoil it until the end of this article. So it was a noble choice to listen to the fans for once  by the company behind the movie.

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie is More than Meets the Eyes

You can believe all sorts of news and media sites writing negative words about Sonic the Hedgehog but I strongly recommend that you to watch this even though many critics are really unrealistically negative.

One of the most negative critical made articles is in the Norwegian newspaper named Aftenposten in Norway. In the topic for their Sonic movie review, it even says that this should never have been made. I am questioning this reviewer which has the looks of being a 40-year old woman. It seems to me that she has never played Sonic the Hedgehog at all. I just don’t know why she is hired there? I saw it with Trond which is not a gaming enthusiast at all and he loved it.

And I also want to comment that even if she knows what Sonic is she doesn’t understand the pace of the movie. Because this movie is as fast as Sonic is. So it is a fast story like in the Sonic games and that is explaining really well in this movie I think. You can’t expect this to be an action movie that is not supernatural fast in its story. Because Sonic is fast.

Also as I’ve written above about Jim Carrey. He does a fantastic job together with all of the other actors. In Sonic Adventures games for SEGA Dreamcast, Dr. Eggman is as crazy as him or even more. But he is funny and that’s something they have managed to get out of Jim in a very nice way. Perfect acting!!!

I think in fact that all of the actors in this movie do a solid job except for the police officer that is not the main character. But his acting is only minimal. I could pass that without problems. But if we compare this to the Mario movie that was released. This is miles ahead better. It is a fantastic popcorn movie that brings nostalgia to all hearts that loves Sonic. Also, the end credits part uses graphics from the 2D version of the game.

Sonic The Hedgehog movie is perfect for everyone that loves Sonic and even more. This is fun and we recommend it! 8 out of 10 score for sure!

Surprise when the Scrolling Text is Rolling

It seems that the producers of this movie is thinking of another Sonic the Hedgehog movie. Because during the end scrolling text you can see Tales popping up which is also a character from the game that can fly with his tails.  So now my hope is to see the sequel of this movie sometime in the future.

Sonic The Hedgehog movie is worth seeing every second of it. Its fast, funny and got lots of interesting action scenes in it. It is a movie that I will recommend personally to anyone wanting to have a nice evening watching a blue hedgehog doing crazy things with a meaning.