If you ever wondered how a computer party looks like? Distrita went to Solskogen to film and show you how it looks like. Solskogen is a computer party that includes beers, dancing, demoscene and barbeque. Fantastic.

A Nerdy Event with lots of Awesome people Meeting at one place

Yes, it’s a bit nerdy… and Yes there are more and more girls attending. But not only Norwegians attends. There were Swedish, Danish, people from Finland and I even met one guy from Google in Canada visiting the event! That was nice.

Mostly people bring with their PC’s and MAC’s, but there is also Amiga and C64 enthusiasts. I also saw people with their own made DIY laptops and more. Very interesting!

Solskogen is a computer party for those that loves drinking and coding

At Solskogen there is also lots of drinking, which makes the party a more of an “adult” version of other computer parties. Also many girls attended, which is great and positive.

Over 150 people attended this years Solskogen. It was held in Flateby, just outside of Oslo.

Other known events like this is Dreamhack in Sweden and also The Gathering in Norway. These are more teenager related parties, though older people also visit them also. But they are without beer drinking inside for sure.



Distrita Own Experience


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