Just drag the file you want to the Infinit icon on your MacOSX desktop and whola! Its on its way! Or you can move it to the Link button and make a link for an email that you send!

If you are one of those struggling with sending bigger files between co-workers or friends, then you might go for Infinit. A file sending tool from Paris that lets you send huge files between the apps if you have a email or a facebook account. Read on..

Available for most of the Platforms
Except for AmigaOS 3.x, AmigaOS 4.x, MorphOS and AROS support. Infinit works on Linux, iOS, MacOSX, Windows and Android. It is really safe and secure. You can send the file or files that you want to distribute to any of these supported operating system platforms that got Infinit app support.

To use the app, you just drag the file or even directory to the person that you want to distribute the files to and Infinit will transfer them secure for you. You register your email and you can even make a link on MacOSX version that is copied to the clipboard, which you can send in an email to a person.

Speed depends on Your Connection
Either your files will be sent over the net, or if you are connected on a local network. This magical app will always try to find the fastest way to transfer the files. File transfer for any size and any format is also supported. There are absolutely no limits like with their competitors like Dropbox, We Transfer, Yousendit and CloudApp. And this is a huge advance for sure.

Watch the content Before you get them
Infinit also allows you to start playing any media content like sound and video from a file transfer even before the download is complete. This is a very handy and a neat extra feature.

Airdrop is Weak compared to this app
Apple released their Airdrop, where you can send files directly between certain MacOSX machines back in the days. Infinit takes this further and supports many platforms. So, if you want to send larger files from your cellphone or iPad to your desktop computer. There is infact no better solution than this. It is also totally secure, which brings all of the cloud services to a shame. You never know which computer, which hard driver or storage place your files will end when using cloud services etc. With Infinit you just transfer the files from one computer to another. The best solution for sure and we at Distrita uses this app a lot to send bigger files between the writers that is sitting in Mexico, Indonesia, Poland, Hong Kong and Norway.


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Infinit Final Verdict

This is for sure an app that everyone should have. It is for free to use and there is no limits in sending huge files neither. You send directly from one computer or device to an another computer or device. Its excellent and this is for sure a cloud storage beater, because you pull files from one computer to another without saving them on-line. You can either get a Infinit account or use your Facebook account if you want. This is an excellent piece of software from the love in Paris. Distrita really loves this product, but if Infinit supported AmigaOS 3.x, AmigaOS 4.x, MorphOS and AROS also they would get full score. Linux support is a nice touch though.