Who said New York just is an asphalt city?
There’s a 2300 metres long park with properties better than even the Central Park. It’s an extraordinary park, because it’s soaring! Located at old tram tracks, there’s a green line with flowers and pedestrian zone! The High Line Park starts at West 34th Street to Gansevort Street! Enjoy a break from the skyscrapers and do something funny for free! There’s a soaring oasis in the heart of the Big Apple! Go green and wild with something unique in worlds’ most popular city!

Revitalizing suburbs and making a masterpiece out of the old park in NYC!

It’s a great feeling walking above the various neighborhoods without any traffic worries while enjoying the park itself. The creators of the High Line Park did a fantastic job! If you are in the city centre, its a must see, something unique and different. And it’s definitely seldom to find a park in the sky! We love cities that engage in their population and refresh the suburbs that have a gritting trend! Now suburbs like Chelsea are revitalized and full of new energy, more trendy and more popular than for a long time! Chelsea looks fresh now!

Our favorite park in New York City

The Highline Park is a successful, redesigned park project that we will warmly recommend!

Soaring oasis in the heart of The Big Apple, did you know about it? Will you visit it next time you are in New York?
The new High Line Park in NYC is wonderful use of space that while uncommon makes a great walking park. In its’ former state as a dilapidated rail road track, that no one thought had a future. Once you see it, you will see the folks with vision did a wonderful job.The views are aazing, and the additional plants and trees that were added and especially the little innovative running water fontains are appreciated. They have food kiosks, benches and at the end a place for artists and vendors to showcase their art. It’s a place for a great stroll and have a good time! In the summer it’s open until 11pm! Enjoy your time in the new High Line park!