One of worlds biggest sports events is now over. The World Cup in Brazil,.. where the “rich” part of Brazil have had a fun time, while the streets of Brazil have been full of demonstrations against FIFA and how the poor have been treated in Brazil.

Should it be FIFA’s rich persons to give money back to those which have lost their homes? Yes. Should FIFA help the poor in Brazil? Yes also. Here the world should have helped Brazil a lot, but where is the efort?

Next time, World Cup will be held in Dubai and will cost way more.

Thanks to Brazil which have made a very good event. The idents before and after the matches were brilliant. The graphics during matches was nice. The people in the stadium made this to something special. Thanks for a brilliant time. Thanks to you and please keep the peace there with friendly demonstrations if you have to.

Thanks to Brazil and our hope is that the poor people will get more attention soon in Brazil. Please do so!

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