Snow on Hawaii
Snow on Hawaii

Winter does not forgive even this year on Hawaii. Two of the biggest volcanic peaks was covered in snow during the night from Wednesday to Thursday last week, and the temperature dropped well below zero. This is rare, but snow on Hawaii last week happened.

On Thursday morning, the temperatures was measured as low as -12C even. For most of us that thinks of Hawaii as a warm place, this came as a surprise even though it happens very few times a year. This news was put on TVN24 and even on website.

Nothing extraordinary had happened

Experts have reported, that snow is not unusual phenomenon even in this part of the world. Geologist Ken Rubin in an interview with The Weather Channel, reported that the three highest Hawaiian volcanoes – Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa and Haleakala – usually a few times a year experience precipitation in the form of snow.

So there you have it. Snow can even be seen on Hawaii.

The Weather Channel