There are many reports that have hit our mail regarding snow in Florida. Here in Oslo, Norway its pretty common with snow at this times of year. But Florida is not the typical place where snow should appear,.. even in winter!

Usually the words “snow” and “Florida” don’t match

A very strong cold front over the weekend, has proved that rule wrong for shivering Floridians. Bringing in a dusting of snow across the western Panhandle late Saturday night into Sunday morning this weekend.

As temperatures dipped into around -1C, some areas of the Sunshine State including Escambia County saw up to 5cm of snow, reported on Twitter. The news site posted a photo of a ‘Welcome to Florida’ sign covered in light snow. Interesting happenings for sure.!

Snow covered cars in White as seen on the video below

Warmer temps will Return to Florida

Many lives in Florida to not get snow. But it can happen! Southwest Florida should expect a very gradual warming through the week, 10C from Monday night on, and then 15C and warmer.

The cold temperatures are due to an arctic air mass followed brought a high pressure system. Wind died down and that allowed for the normally mild South to cool. It is awesome that people in Florida gets that Christmas feeling a bit. However! It would be better if this happened exactly on 24th of December!

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