In Hangzhou, Chine. The fried chicken restaurant KFC is testing something that is totally new. Its the new Smile to Pay machine by Ant Financial which is an Alibaba subsidiary (Alipay), which has launched this new system. It’s all about facial payment system!

Phone number is your security for paying going smoothly

Smile to Pay technology needs about one to two seconds of facial scanning with a 3D camera and a “live-ness detection algorithm” to check the identity of the person paying, who must also enter their mobile phone number to help guard against fraud.

This really seems to be a product that will be huge all over the world. However, the remaining question is how safe it is compared paying over desk to a person? It seems that this new technology can handle that:

“Taking the facial-recognition payment technology offline was no easy task,” said Jidong Chen, head of biometric identification technology at Ant Financial. “On how we detect when someone’s photo is being manipulated when someone is falsely impersonating another person — we prevent this by merging software and hardware by linking sophisticated algorithms with the 3D camera. We can prevent biometric spoofing.” According to Ant Financial, the algorithm can detect shadows and other features to test if the person standing in front of the camera is actually a person, and not a photo or video used to trick the payment system.

Video showing how Smile to Pay works

In this video that is made by the company itself, you can see a woman changing into many forms. Even with quite heavy makeup, changing her hair and style. Still the Smile to Pay machine can see who she is. She also demonstrates how she put her telephone number into the system too. The video also showing if it can recognize with many people in the camera at once also.

K Pro is a Healthier KFC that is the first ones to use Smile to Pay in the World

The KFC fast food restaurant that offers the facial payment system, is actually a healthier version of the chain called K Pro which sells salads, juices, and paninis instead. K Pro was introduced in July, The Verge writes.  Younger customers all over the world is looking for healthier food options. Still KFC or even the new K Pro isn’t available in Norway. The K Pro chain would for sure be a hit here as Norwegians are very into healthy thinking.

It will be interesting if this company behind Smile to Pay can sell it further. Distrita wishes them good luck!

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