If you are a music lover, this is great news! A new headset is presented! Neurowear’s headset is intelligent and controls your music playlist analyzing our brain waves. The project, named Mico, has not yet been commercialized, and was presented last week at the SXSW convention.

The app will be able to differentiate through brain waves analyzed in what state we are in, and from there, change the list of songs that we are using (which would have been “neuroetiquetadas” above).

Future developments in the market for this system are obvious. Neurowear intends to establish partnerships with Spotify, to have a broader repertoire. Currently there are only two units Mico, one hundred songs that have to be used.

This prototype, presented a few days ago, joins the list of technological advances that Neurowear usually proposed. , we got to know what are known as “catlike ears,” which was one of the great attractions of the technology fair in Las Vegas. Certainly a technological curiosity interest to music lovers