Here is a map of Gmunden in Austria, Europe

[osm_map_v3 map_center=”47.92,13.79″ zoom=”14″ width=”100%” height=”450″ ]

Small village with its own tram line
With only 14,500 inhabitants. Gmunden is one of the smallest villages in upper Austria in Europe, that actually got a tram line. Gmunden sits just beside Traun river and Transee lake. The size and nature is stunning here, but the tram is just epic.

Gmunden Bahnhof to Gmunden city center
This is worlds shortest tram line in a vilage. The tramline is only 2.3km in length. There are many towns in Eastern Europe that got few inhabitants but this one is the smalles village in the world with the smallest tramline in the world. Pretty amazing!

To be connected with Traunseebahn very soon!
This tramline is 2.3km today, but plans is to extend it to Klosterplatz (230m) where it will connect with Traunseebahn which is a light-rail line going to Vorchdorf. It seems like these people here is thinking right and that almost every city and village in the world should consider doing the same. Trams and light-rail lines gives the atmosphere and identity of a city much better. It also invites people that doesn’t want to drive or haven’t taken a driver license to actually manage to visit it. A city with a rail system is breathing way better for sure.