In 1995 one of the biggest sci-fi series that didn’t have alien invasions at the beginning was called Sliders. It was aired in almost every country around the globe. This sci-fi series took dimension travel to a totally new level.

Sliders co-star Jerry O’Connell speaks of a potential revival

I couldn’t believe my eyes at first. I have always wanted a revival of this series and now at the Toronto Comicon this weekend, John Rhys-Davies has revealed to Flickering Myth website that he and his Sliders co-star Jerry O’Connell are speaking with NBC about a potential revival of the 90s sci-fi series.

The sci-fi series followed a group of different kind of people. One of them being a scientist, other a disco singer, and a computer store worker. Together they discover ways to travel into parallel universes by sliding thru wormholes after meeting each other in several parallel universes and losing their way home.

Sliders need a reboot that can repair itself

The team of teenagers, teacher, and scientist in Sliders became a team to discover how to find the very first earth dimension. But once in the series when they did slide way to fast to another dimension. However, in season 4 the series became quite bad as it lost some of the actors and in the fifth, only one remained!

“Jerry had been pestering me for a number of years and we’re actually talking to NBC at the moment to see if there’s any possibility of rebooting the series,” Davies said. “They’re looking into the basic question of who actually owns it? At the moment we don’t seem to be able to find that out.”

Sliders first premiered in 1995 where it ran for five seasons before being scrapped. In the world, it was shown in countries biggest tv channels such as RTL in Germany and Poland.

Davies is Enthusiastic to return to the Sliders universe

The oldest scientist teacher that was played by Davies left the show in the middle of the third season after he was killed in the show. They moved the production from Vancouver to Los Angeles. Despite leaving Sliders, though, Davies is still enthusiastic to return for more adventures.

“I would do it again if just to show how it should be done. It could have been the best show on television, it could still be on the air. I think maybe if we got another chance at doing it with the new technology, but also new stories, I think we could do something quite extraordinary. I wouldn’t want to do it for the rest of my life, but I would do it for a season or two if it was right.”

What do you think of a potential Sliders revival? Are you excited for a potential reboot? Sliders is one of the most influential sci-fi series. How would the world be if political decisions and wars were done totally different?


Source: Flickering Myth