Yes! We are on the move with our Sci-Fi related articles. Not because we only want readers to read our site, but also because of our own interest in this topic. Sci-Fi movies and series is a topic that we should have been much better at covering before. But it is taken the time to find what Distrita should be about. We have also struggled with finding the final design that we want to use. In this article Distrita covers a falling sci-fi star that no one forgets. Its time to reveal our love for Sliders!

Sliders was amazing

Wade was one of my very first wonder woman

Sliders is the most awesome sci-fi series that I have ever seen. I saw it first on RTL7 in Poland. The year was 1995 and I was hyped so much when I saw it. As I am a Polish person born in Swinoujscie, I got used to Polish dubbing which is different from German, French or Spanish one. In Poland, they just talk on top of the film or series with the original sound slightly lowered. This makes me able to hear the original voices. 

In this article, I wanted to write about Sliders which made me hooked in 1995. It was so great to watch on RTL7, which was one of the best TV channels for Polish tv viewers. So, let’s dive into it.

Sliders is an attraction like no other Sci-Fi managed to do at that time

The attraction of the show is its concept. The show’s base concept of parallel universes and traveling through time on the same date and time was very interesting. I have ever only seen the Australian time-travel single universal dimension series named The Girl From Tomorrow and its sequel Tomorrows World.

Once Sliders started to show. I fell in love with the 3 first seasons. Seasons 1, 2 and 3 are my favorite blocks of episodes. They really made the show look promising for future seasons. I loved the exploration of alternate outcomes of events. They even found their home time at one time without revealing too much.

Season 3’s first half is above average until one of the crew members dies, although it was obvious that it was moving away from its origins of traveling to parallel universes and learning about its alternate histories and events that make different from Earth-Prime (our world). It is until we get to know some very boring types of aliens that this show starts to decline in interest. Season 4 is kinda ok, but it loses interest in each episode. With the last Season 5 being too horrible. Sliders didn’t deserve this decline in quality. Because the 3 first seasons alone make this show the best sci-fi series that I’ve seen.

Wouldn’t you be interested in seeing parallel earth where the communists have taken California? Or see pyramids there? The diversity and intensity of exploring that Sliders brings with are unique. Also, the actors do their jobs so great. This is a top A sci-fi series where nothing holds the first 3 Seasons back.

Season 3 is where they should have kept the right tone of the Show

I was disappointed in Season 3 and beyond where they did not capitalize on the foundations of prior Episodes. “Double-Cross” was an excellent episode and I expected a return of Logan St Claire sometime in future seasons. I thought there was in that at the end of “Double-Cross”.

Sliders kissing scene

Sliders is a Sci-fi time travel show with love and drama!

My favorite Season 3 episodes are “Double-Cross” and “Seasons Greedings”

“Double-Cross” was cool because Quinn’s double was chic with the same brains but more sinister.

“Seasons Greedings” was a nice touch in the series that explored Christmas and its use and misuse as a special event, and giving hope that Christmas can still be a time of sharing and caring with loved ones without the over-indulgence in consumerism. Arturo as Santa Claus was awesome as well as Wade’s efforts in reuniting her “Father” and “Sister” through rescuing her sister from the greedy dark side of illegal retail tactics. I wished the episode did more with Arturo being so keen to help the woman reunite with the child and get out of her misfortunes. I think there was definitely more opportunity to further explores both Arturo and Wade as characters and touch their backgrounds.

Other episodes that I also want to recommend is “The Guardian”. Because that one gave a very good insight into Quinn’s childhood and explains the way he is and how he sees himself and his responsibilities to his friends and himself. The episode with Rembrandt being pregnant was wild – but I certainly think more focus on Rembrandt as a person would have been nice. I thought the “Crying Man” concept was really cool and I liked how he got to sing at various times showed his proof that he was a singer in a soul group. He is also the only actor that acted in 87 episodes.

Rembrandt is the only actor that was kept for all 5 Seasons. Both in “Seasons Greedings” and the episode where he was pregnant were great when he was singing. “Stoker” was interesting in showing Wade singing. It’s a nice short demonstration of Sabrina Lloyd’s musical ability.

Sliders special effects

The special effects were quite good in all of the Sliders episodes

The aliens’ concept destroyed Sliders in Season 4 and Season 5

I didn’t see much of Season 4 and never seen Season 5.  There are too many changes in actors still being in the show. I think the Kromagg alien encounter concept would have been better placed to rest. There is a sense in that if humans could do time travel, other aliens could do that too. You have this concept in Stargate SG-1 series etc. But they focused only on badly made aliens. They weren’t interesting at all.

I think to lose both John Rhys-Davies, and then Sabrina Lloyd certainly lost the stability and chemistry of the show on-screen and was an indication that things weren’t going to be the same. The four original cast members had an excellent on-screen presence and closeness that gave excellent coherence to the episodes themselves. No other series had the same feeling at that time and makes me still remember Sliders now. The producers of this sci-fi parallel time travel series really built an awesome rapport with Sliders fans. Their character’s growth from Seasons 1 to 3 made characters very convincing as real people with their own beliefs and determination to get home, but at the same time, try to contribute to making the world they are visiting better even though they are there for a short time.

Losing Jerry O’Connell who was the real “Slider” was the worst part of the series without any doubt! He played Quinn Mallory very well. Every time I see him in any other productions, I am thinking of Sliders. Because he was the one inventing this machine that makes him able to travel between parallel earth.

I wish there were more Sliders episodes or the show was still running with episodes using Season 1 and 2’s concepts of parallel-world exploration. What sort of experience did you have when watching Sliders? Sliders is a falling sci-fi star that No One forgets because of its two first seasons with the 3rd been mix. I never forget the very first Pilot episode. You must see it! …

… and please! Someone, please revive this show. Give it a proper end. It deserves that.