2021 is coming to an end. It is sad, but also a relief. May 2022 become a much better year. I really hope for a year with more peace as the pandemic is slowly vanishing. I hope!

Walking In The Air by SkyMarshall Arts is appropriate to end 2021 with a Christmas remixed song that is healing 2021 at its very end. So here it is. It was released yesterday by the mighty SkyMarshall Arts Eurodance band from Norway.

It is a mellow remix of the theme from the animated Christmas movie ‘The Snowman‘ from 1982. The original theme was composed by Howard Blake, and the vocals are performed by Declan Galbraith. SkyMarshall Arts have done a remix that feels so down to earth. A perfect way to end 2021 is by listening to this masterpiece.

The remix is produced with FLStudio 20 Producer Edition in early December of 2021. The video was made in Adobe Premiere using clips from the movie “The Snowman”. It is absolutely stunning.

This video Needs a million more likes! Music is great as always, and those soaring vocals are just spot on. Great work!!

Let’s have a better 2022!