News Corporation boss Rupert Murdoch, his son James Murdoch, and former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks are due to be grilled by MPs over allegations of phone hacking and illegal payments to police later today.

This is the same man that killed the free TV watching. He might have been a big person for bussines, but for people he have been a person having the power to kill all hopes for good TV entertainment in Europe.


Mr. Murdoch took over Sky Channel in 1989 and launched Sky Broadcasting. Later in 1992 he closed down all connection with the rest of Europe, resulting in millions with satellite dishes unable to watch his channels without a card. Sky Channel was part of a great package on ASTRA and on selected Cable Television setups around in Europe. Mr. Murdoch killed the free TV watching in Europe by closing everyone out except for viewers in UK and Ireland. This created a domino effect which spread across Europe. All tv channels except for News channels became closed to their countries and companies there. As an example here in Scandinavia we have Canal Digital and Viasat fighting over a marked with only 4.5 million people! Thats just not sane and hurts the European communication also.

Now we all have Internet, but is this an good solution? To some extend it is, because Internet should be free everywhere you are. ASTRA (satellite company) also had this vision. Thye had many campaigns in 1989 and 1990 about how many great free-to-watch channels they could provide to everyone in Europe! But Mr. Murdoch fooled everyone and by 1992 he closed off all Sky channels, which leds to TV marked killing itself in Europe year by year.

Sometimes I wish ASTRA did something with Mr. Murdoch, but now we are in 2011 and its too late I think. Sky Channel brings back memmories of mine and others childhood. Wasn’t it great? Distrita continues with good Media coverage. Follow us!…

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