The former portuguese colony Macau in China is now world’s biggest gamling city. More than 40 billion dollars were used here in 2012, according to DN.

Macau for rich people
Macau for rich people

More than 85% of Macau’s economy comes from the casinos. Macau can have the highest economic growth this year with approximately 14%, according to Economist Intelligence Unit, 6% higher than China. The property market also has some fantastic years in Macau. The local habitans can’t any longer afford to live there! They expect that the bubble will explode during the next few years, so the future is far from bright.

The gambler industry is still very popular in Asia. Singapore has opened 2 casinos during the 2 last years. The Philippines will open their first of four modern casino complexes in Manila in less than two months. But Macau is expected to continue their growth due to their location. Macau is located less than five hours with airplane from where more than three billion people. Las Vegas has got only 1/10 of the customer market in comparison to Macau.

Macau Gambler City
Macau Gamlbler City