Why not having a Norwegian Christmas Dinner this year? This is a short guide about what Norwegians normally eat on Christmas Eve! You will learn what ribbe, lutefisk, pinnekjøtt is…

RIBBE (pork)

Ribbe, or Roasted pork belly, usually served with sauerkraut and boiled potatoes, Christmas sausages, meat balls and gravy. This is definitely a clear favourite, eaten by as much as six out of ten households, mainly in Central and Eastern Norway.


Ribbe, Christmas Eve

LUTEFISK (stockfish)

Lutefisk, or Stockfish that has been lying in water and lye (an old tradition), then cooked in the oven. It is always served with potatoes, bacon, mushy peas and mustard. Although the lutefisk itself, doesn’t have much flavour, it’s great together with the ingredients. It is very popular in Trondheim and in the North of Norway, but it grows rapidly in popularity in the entire country.





PINNEKJØTT (lamb ribs)

Salted and dried, smoked, lamb ribs. Typical accompaniments are sausages, boiled potatoes and mashed swede. Norwegians’ second most popular choice on Christmas Eve, particularly among people on the West Coast.





TORSK (cod)

Torsk, or cod, is simply boiled in salted water, and served with boiled potatoes, root vegetables and red wine sauce. It is particularly along the coast in Southern Norway.






The photos are from matprat.no