Fixing roads and tram tracks takes time. Especially after natural accidents. But the Japanese people doesn’t like them very much, and so they managed to repair a gigantic sinking hole in Hakata street of Tokyo in just 2 days. This amazing task made worlwide people amazed!

Reopened on Tuesday at 17.00 (5am) local time

A gigantic sinkhole, that was measuring around 30 meters wide and 15 meters deep appeared in Hakata street on 8th of November. A busy street in Tokyo, so to minimize the damage, workes worked hours to fix it and on Thursday 10th of November it was done. First only pedestrians and bikes were allowed, then since Tuesday 15th of November also cars can drive again. Amazing task done by workers that have stunned the world with their work time.

“We’re very sorry for causing great trouble,” Takashima said.

Amazing that no one was hurt in the accident. Many on social media expressed about the workers quick recovery of this sinking holoe and this was spread towards the big newspapers across the globe that grabbed the news item.

Twitter and other social media is now full of warm words to those workers fixing the sinking hole this fast. The sinking hole happened because of a new Metro (underground) line is constructed in the area and something trigged the hole to be made. Now its all fine, but working on the Metro line now will take some longer time.  Anyway. An amazing achievement for sure. We at Distrita love Japan and transport!

Video showing how the sinking hole was made

Video showing how the sinking hole fixed