The most affordable way of getting around is buying a single ticket if you are going to visit a place or a town for a short time. The duration of the cheapest tickets around the world is different in every country and in every city. In some countries they only work for one trip, while in others they work for many hours. So, in these series on Distrita we will go through the most affordable tickets that you can buy and how long they last and if they support using other types of transportation possibilities.

Our guide for Oslo reveals single ticket prices and relevant info that you need. So with this first guide you should have a view about single ticket prices in the capital of Norway which is Oslo. Here about 650.000 inhabitants lives with more than 1 million in the surroundings of the city. You can travel in Norwegian cities without using lots on TAXI. Because we really don’t recommending to use them at all if you are thinking of traveling on a smaller budget. Just forget TAXI in Norway. Your wallet will scream!

So, here is our guide to Oslo that got public transportation. If you however are thinking of staying for more than just a few days. You should consider other types of tickets. This guide is meant for people visiting for a very short period.

Oslo Public Transportation FAQ

Important Maps for Oslo

Map of Oslo

[osm_map_v3 map_center= “59.9208,10.7445” zoom=”10.242583857749125″ width=”100%” height=”450″ map_border=”thin solid ” post_markers=”1″ type=”” control=”” ]

It is worthy to mention that you should look at the Oslo map that Ruter got. The entire Metro network is within ticket Zone 1. Also the buses that goes to Fornebu is also part of the Oslo fare system. So do not pay double here. Check out the Zone map here:

Map of the Zones around Oslo that Ruter covers

Here you can see that Zone 1 looks quite small but it is here where most of people lives. As you can see Zone 1 stretches from Fornebu in the west to Lørenskog in the east. So now when you come to Oslo. You know a bit more about the whole system.

A nice tip from us is that if you arrive to Oslo Airport you should buy a 24 hour ticket. When buying it you get a discount for the train trip to Oslo. Also then you can use the 24 hour ticket in Oslo. Buy both of the ticket in the Ruter app.

Source: Ruter