Marie Holmes, the 26-year-old single mother from North Carolina who was one of three $188 million winners of a $564 million jackpot, says she ran outside and screamed when she realized she won.
Holmes said her mom, who purchased the winning ticket for her on her way to church, was the first person she called. Once they double-checked the numbers on her mom’s phone, Holmes had the exact reaction you would imagine a newly-minted multimillionaire would have.
While her mom was convinced because she saw the numbers in person, Holmes says the rest of her family did not believe she had won the $564.1 million jackpot, the fifth largest lottery prize in U.S. history.
Holmes says she plans to travel, put away money for her children’s education and use the money to continue her own education in nursing.
In addition to Holmes’, the two other tickets – with the numbers 25, 11, 54, 13 and 39, with a Powerball of 19 — were sold in Puerto Rico and Texas. The odds of winning were about 175 million to one.