Shrovetide traditions shrovetide bunsHappy Shrovetide’s day! In Norway we name this day, Sunday 26.February, “Fastelavnsdag”. It’s the same as Shrovetide, so don’t worry.
There are some common traditions. Fastelavnsboller, or Shrovetide Buns, is one of them.

We want to give you a receipt for one of the most common shrovetide buns.
The receipt is for approximately 12 buns

Receipt shrovetide buns



550 gram of flour
100 gram of sugar
1 package fresh yeast
2 teaspoon cardamom
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon baking powder
3.25 ml milk
100 gram of butter
1 egg for brushing
250g raspberries, frozen or fresh
100 gram of sugar
0.5 vanilla bean

fastelavnsris shrovetide bunsThe rest of the year the Norwegians eat lot of buns too. We love them! Especially raisin buns and chocolate buns. They are sold in kiosks and cafeterias and supermarkets and gas stations, everywhere! We are crazy of buns!

Another tradition is “fastelavnsris”. Norwegians are waiting for spring, but still it’s far away! That means all the trees are still without any leaf, and nature feels dead. But what about helping nature to be green a bit faster? It’s normal to bring with you some twigs indoor, and placing a vase with water. And decorate with some flowers and colours, like on this photo. Within some few days, the twigs get green leaves, and we see there’s hope ahead! Hopefully the spring is coming soon to the Northern Europe too! It’s a beautiful decoration on the kitchen table, and the kids will love to decorate them! It’s a typical fastelavn tradition in Norway, Sweden and Denmark! We also buy tulips and other flowers and decorate the house!