Shortest Railway Line named Angels Flight opened againAngels Flight is back again after 9 years of absence. This short railway line opened in 1901 and have been an attraction in South-California way before Disneyland opened. For 25 Cent you can take this 91 meter long railway with either Olivet or Sinai, which is the name of the wagons. Angel Flight is in Los Angeles, USA. So, if you want to try worlds shortest railway line and you have plans going to Los Angeles, then make a visit to the historic Angels Flight railway line.

Distrita choose to rerun this old article since 2010, as it is more important for us to support historic railways like this one. We do this because of the Financial support that Angels Flight owners needs to make it alive.

History Note!

This funicular dates back to 1901, when Bunker Hill was one of the most fashionable neighborhoods in Los Angeles and the cars, Olivet and Sinai, ferried prominent citizens up and down the steep slope between Hill and Olive streets. The beloved landmark was dismantled for “urban renewal” of the area in 1969. In the early 1990s, the Railway was refurbished and relocated a half-block south, reopening adjacent to California Plaza in 1996. As short as it is (298 feet), Angels Flight® is an essential Los Angeles experience.

Financial support information by Distrita website

Angels Flight needs your financial support today!
Even though The Angels Flight® Railway is not operating for passengers pending resolution of a regulatory issue, we still have major expenses, including nearly $50,000 in annual insurance premiums, that must be met so that we can reopen. Please DONATE.

We need to raise $10,000 for the month of September and another $10,000 every month after that!

The Board of Directors of the Angels Flight® Railway Foundation is pleased to report that we are making significant progress with our regulators to get Angels Flight back in public service. It may take longer than anyone would like, but we will succeed. We would like to thank Mayor Garcetti for his help in our efforts.

We also thank The David Bohnett Foundation for a matching grant in this fundraising campaign, The Yellin Company LLC, CIM Group, Beacon Capital, the Omni Los Angeles Hotel, Jerry M. Givens and Hal Bastian, Inc. for their help in beginning our current fundraising drive.

David Bohnett Foundation

Please help by making as generous a donation as you can afford, or that you write a check made payable to the Angels Flight® Railway Foundation and mail it to:

Angels Flight Railway Foundation
Bunker Hill PO Box 712345
Los Angeles, CA 90071