The awesome movie Alita: Battle Angel changed me forever. I must admit that I am a totally new person today because of it. I put much more love in what I do in daily life and to see that a sci-fi movie like it made me change is pretty impressive.

Alita: Battle Angel will always be in my heart. It changed me! But life needs to go on and so I got invited by YouTube Premium to watch the very first episode of their new Sherwood sci-fi series. It is written by Justin Trefgarne, Directed by Bruce Carter and the excellent music is made by Roahn Hylton and Jacob Yoffee. I loved it and here I share my experience with you after seen the all of the episodes from season one.

Sherwood is a lot better than you Think!

After seeing the very first episode of Sherwood I was thinking a lot about if I should try the one-month free trial for YouTube Premium to watch it. Many comments wrote about the not so good 3D animation. But I brought those Alita feelings into this. Be brave and go for the unknown and achieve new momentums and Sherwood surprised me. I watched all of its 10 episodes  (each is about 20 minutes long) once I registered myself for YouTube Premium.

For some reason from episode 2, the animations and the overall production feeling takes a huge step up. Also, the story becomes much more interesting too I think. The pilot is great but is this a good way to get people to stay?

The music in the intro and outro also gave Sherwood series a unique feeling. I sort of got the anime Now and Then, Here and There feeling yet this is a much milder dystopian sci-fi series. It is quite different from this one, but some of the designs in Sherwood reminded me of Now and Then, Here and There.

The story in Sherwood feels like it is written for teenagers but the whole scenario feels a bit like in Alita movie. The main character evolvement during the episodes is interesting. But because this series is meant for a younger audience they have left out many mature parts which sort of made this series not so good as it could have been. It is for a milder audience, yet the whole plot is much more serious than many teenagers would understand. There isn’t much violence here but in the end parts, there is death, blood, and serious happenings.

Modern Robin Hood in a Unique sci-fi dystopic future

In a flooded 23rd Century city, a rebellious orphan named as Robin discovers that she has a far bigger destiny than she ever imagined when she comes into possession of a mysterious hi-tech gauntlet that belonged to her father. She is the version of modern Robin Hood. She is a rebellion against the regime that takes everything from the workers and so we can relate this series to Alita which is also working against the regime in that sci-fi universe.

Compared to Alita this show is in totally 3D. With a few video sequences showing the previous leaders of the earth. They show how climate change changed the whole political system on earth. The 3D animations except for the pilot is well made. I feel that the modern Robin Hood is a young Alita in her mind. I never thought I would see a show which I could relate to because of my love for the Alita movie.

I really recommend everyone to watch Sherwood. It is available now as a YouTube Originals. You need to have the YouTube Premium subscription activated. I am not bought by YouTube or anyone at Google to write these positive words about Sherwood but this show delivers. I really love the atmosphere, the acting and the way Sherwood progresses.

So do something for yourself and your soul. Go and watch Sherwood. It is worth it.


Source: YouTube Originals