Cube Dogs in JapanJapan is very far away from Europe and USA. They are also very close to China, North Korea, South Korea and Russia. So they need to find up some original stuff to do it seems. Interesting it is and something I would never think anyone be doing over here in Norway. Do I live in a boring place, or is this to extreme?

Let’s make minecraft cube dogs!

Found on this Japanese blog site called Sepia Staff Blog, you can clearly see the pictures of how they transform a normal dog into a minecraft cubed hairy something!?

Not only cube designed hair balls

Dog Shaping

Not only cube shaped dogs seems to be popular in Japan. Here we can see that they are busy making a funny shape of the dog also.

Dog Shaping in Japan

Will this trend spread to other countries? And what do dogs think about this trend? I would certainly want to know!

Sepia Staff Blog