A video on-line showing First Person Shooter Quake 2 on an classic Amiga with “Shark PPC”
As reported, the Polish developer of Sakura IT (previous products: PCMCIA SRAM card, external floppy disk drive) have managed with their SonnetAmiga project implemented the certificate from Elbox idea of a PowerPC-extension for Mediator PCI boards.

Quake II on an Amiga with a Sonnet-7200, SharkPPC card

Hardware is currently on eBay for about 12,- Euros. The SonnetAmiga project mainly consists of sonnet.library which API and ABI compatible with the to be powerpc.library of WarpOS.

Since the undertaking is still in development, the possibilities are so far limited. Prerequisite are an Amiga 3000/4000 (T) and a Voodoo 3 or Radeon-92xx graphics card.

Please visit Sakura IT for more news later on

For those of you which doesn’t know about SharkPPC. It is a PowerPC card developed by Elbox for a very long time, but it never got released to the public. Elbox is known for creating PCI expansion cards for Amiga 1200, Amiga 3000 and Amiga 4000 since 1999. They have also made turbo cards for Amiga 1200. It is interesting to see some progress regarding this. Even though Amiga nextgen is getting more and more popular, it can’t coupe with the thousands of users still using Classic Amiga which is a quite big market still.

Just look at these Amiga stores selling Classic Amiga products

And if you didn’t know. You can still buy AmigaOS 3.1 on floppies… That means AmigaOS 3.1 is one of worlds longest selling operating system in the world.



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