EBU have now officially turned Eurovision to a Politicalvision. The purpose of this song contest is that it should unite the European countries. But what EBU now does is to throw out Russia, because of Ukraine issues with Russia. Is this 2017? Is Eurovision now turned into a political arena!? The darkest times is nearing with EBUs official statement:

This is an official statement from the EBU.
Following the official confirmation that Russian Eurovision entrant, Julia Samoylova, will not be permitted to travel to Kyiv to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, the EBU formally offered two alternative proposals to Channel One in a bid to find a solution that would enable Russia to continue their participation in this year’s event.
“These proposals were to either take part via satellite or to change their chosen artist to one who could legally travel to Ukraine for the duration of the Contest. Sadly both proposals have been rejected by Channel One and they have now announced they do not intend to broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Unfortunately this means Russia will no longer be able to take part in this year’s competition. We very much wanted all 43 countries to be able to participate and did all we could to achieve this,” the EBU states.
Frank Dieter Freiling, Chairman of the Eurovision Song Contest Reference Group, the event’s steering committee, said: “We strongly condemn the Ukrainian authorities’ decision to impose a travel ban on Julia Samoylova as we believe it thoroughly undermines the integrity and non-political nature of the Eurovision Song Contest and its mission to bring all nations together in friendly competition. However, preparations continue apace for the Eurovision Song Contest in the host city Kyiv. Our top priority remains to produce a spectacular Eurovision Song Contest with our Member UA:PBC in May.”


Julia Samoylova, with her beautiful song Flame Is Burning will not participate! Shame on EBU and Ukraine

Diversity is Crushed down by EBU and Ukraine

Eurovision Song Contest seems to give the important question: “How big will the diversity be? Will Eurovision be able celebrate after this with these words !?” This is the biggest mistake that EBU have made. Also, the questioning about the Ukraine winner song last year which is also political motivated. Why didn’t you stop that artist?

For the diversity, love, progression and peace. EBU must let Julia Samoylova, with her beautiful song Flame Is Burning participate! This is not a request, its something that must be done! Whatever if she played in Crimea, in North Korea or in Texas USA. She will perform her song in Kiev, Ukraine. Every song you make is about something that You burn for. So, you could say that any song out there is political. They are just in different variations of power. Many songs is about love, but for the artist that sings his or her song do its to heal either them or someones heart. Everything we as humans do in daily life is political decisions. This is regarding family, business and beliefs.

Ukraine must support Diversity! Shame on EBU and Ukraine

If EBU words is to support diversity, then let Russia participate. If you as a country want to become better than Russia, then let her participate. Let Julia Samoylova participate and sing. Let you show diversity support that world needs now. The love for music itself should be way more important than political decisions.

This will really hurt Eurovision Song Contest reputation as a song contest with diversity as its goal, if this official statement stands!