The e-commerce giant named as Amazon is going new ways. People is so pleased with the first Amazon GO store that they will open another one this fall that will be twice as big. It will take a while before we see similar stores in Europe, but it does not hurt to look forward. These Amazon GO stores are now seeing an big interest in countries like USA, Hong Kong and China.

Second Amazon GO store

No cashier System seems to be something that people loves about Amazon GO

Distrita wrote about the very first Amazon GO store earlier this year. We have to admit it. We really let ourselves be excited about it. This way of shopping groceries fast will be the future. For the most I meet nice cashiers, but sometimes they can be really grinchy! And then it is nice to not experience that anymore with a store concept like Amazon GO has.

You check into the store by scanning a QR code in the port on the way in. Then you take what you want and when done, you put it on your shopping bag. When you’re happy with what you’ve got, you go out of the store. And here is the neat part of it all! There is No queue and no payment terminal. Perfect for people! A perfect store for train stations all over the world.

A receipt will be available in the Amazon GO app

Everything is digital at Amazon GO. After a while, a receipt will be available in the Amazon GO app. Today the cashier asks if you want the receipt or not. But by sending everything to the app, Amazon GO store concept can heal the environment a bit too.  Should you have assumed something that has not been registered, Amazon has made it clear that you can keep this for free.

In other words, Amazon is so committed to their technology that if anything isn’t gone as planned. You won’t need to pay back or return the thing you’ve bought.

Check out how the first Amazon GO store Experience is here

Seattle Amazon GO store is Significantly bigger than the First one

The new Amazon GO store isn’t moving outside of Seattle yet. It stays there, but the size of the store this fall will be approx. 300 square meters. So,  with over 100 square meters larger than the first store. This Amazon GO store will for sure give Amazon a bigger test. The concept is popular. People simply love it in Seattle. The ratings of the first store is 4.5 in the user reviews site Yelp. There is no doubt at all that this store concept is something that people want more of.

We at Distrita are sure that this type of store concept will be humongous popular once the software behind it is tested fully. The freedom that Amazon GO stores provides is amazing. Let people handle the groceries and not be the cashiers. Let the stores look nice, instead of forgetting to clean the store because of too many in the cashier queue.


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