You can see the Screen X advertisement in the trailer above here. This is not how the ODEON Screen X cinema hall looks like.

Today we were invited to watch the new cinema experience called Screen X at ODEON in Oslo, Norway. We were promised a total revolution in cinema experience when we saw Jumanji The Next Level. But that didn’t happen. We had to watch the plain version of the movie instead.

No Screen X demonstration

We were promised a fantastic time but the technical issues were too big to handle. The Xtra huge screens on the sides never worked during the movie when the movie was showing.

At least the cinema staff at ODEON Oslo were aware of the issues. Which I think is great customer service. If they didn’t then they would get lots of angry customers for sure. Norwegians know how to complain if there is something that doesn’t work.

We got Free tickets for No Screen X experience

The tickets that were purchased for the Screen X movie were double in costs so it was very nice of them to give all of us free tickets for another movie. I will use the tickets for a nice movie later. It was a bit disappointing to not be able to watch Jumanji The Next Level in Screen X format but that wasn’t an issue since we had lots of fun watching the movie.

Jumanji The Next Level is a Popcorn Movie

It was a real bummer to not be able to see this movie in the Screen X format, but the entertainment level in this so-called “Popcorn Movie” title was really nice. When I saw the legendary Danny DeVito in it, I felt a bit nostalgia flowing through me when watching it. It was really great because I didn’t expect this from a “Popcorn Movie” at all. The actors were all very good too. Dwayne Johnson did great acting too.

Compared to the other Jumanji movies. This one ain’t bad but don’t expect this one to be a killer. The entertainment level is high, humor is top and even though it is aimed at teenagers for the most. It is very entertaining still. So even with no Screen X, Jumanji The Next Level scores well here.

We can recommend it!