Finally we do have Iceland food chain in Norway. We hope to see this frozen Scrambled Eggs product in Norway, because this is a product that is really missing. Not because its so lazy to just buy scrambled egg in a bag. But because its handy for all sorts of people too.

Iceland Helps all sorts of People by making Scrambled Eggs available for even more People

Iceland is selling ready-made scrambled eggs in a bag right now in United Kingdom, Europe that you can pop in the microwave. Many might think that this is a silly product, since it is so easy making scrambled eggs. But not all are interested or even can make them. So, this product helps all kinds of people!

Iceland have posted about this new product on their Twitter page and already people have rushed to call the pre-made scrambled egg a ‘lazy’ product, while Iceland themselves claim that the product’s been released because they found a third of people don’t know how to make a good scramble.

Iceland’s survey of 1,000 people found that 13% of students don’t even know how to boil an egg, so the product’s release is being seen as the perfect opportunity to make fun of silly young people.

But the critics of this new Iceland product are missing the fact that this is a genius product.  This scrambled eggs package from Iceland that can be incredibly helpful to those with disabilities or having a wrist injury too. There should be products that almost every person that can talk can use and this product is a such product.

Scrambled Eggs in a bag at Iceland

Heat the Scrambled Eggs in your Microwave and you have it Ready in seconds

This Scrambled eggs package allows the product to be popped into the microwave. cutting. Each pack is made with four British eggs, a dash of milk and seasoning, so there’s no need to measure milk or even use all of your morning powers on creating the perfect morning with delicious scrambled eggs.

Unfortunately Iceland says the bags of egg still require some action before they’re ready. You need to squeeze the pack to break up the eggs, as you would a sachet of cat food.

Well, that’s something that almost every person can do. Even those with disabilities. However. Being able to easily microwave eggs could be handy for all. You think that this is a much more lazy product than heating up a frozen pizza? It is a brilliant product and we hope that Iceland in Norway will get this product in their stores too.

Now, all can serve delicious Scrambled Eggs!

Source:, twitter Photosource: Iceland Foods