Not all of us have lots of money. Going to Brazil is expensive even for Europeans. So we sit down in our homes and watch the World Cup on TV. Distrita have decided to cover all of the Scandinavian TV channels that broadcast Live matches from Brazil and giving them verdict and score. Just note that NRK, DR and SVT are national tv-channels without commercial breaks. They do have commercial sponsors though, since World Cup is so expensive that peoples payment doesn’t cover.

Let’s begin!

The Norwegian broadcaster gives audience a great program. They even have more women than men presenting the matches in studio. They cover each match about 50 minutes before the match beginst. It is nice as they show different documentaries about the countries playing for the evening. During when the match is, the commentators are good, but could have been much better. In some matches they are simply a bit boring.

Sort of the same quality as Norwegian NRK. Norwegians can only get this one and TV2 Denmark by paying extra if you are part of a cable network.

TV2 Denmark:rating4
The show itself is very good. The presenters in the show have good charisma. Whats good in the match breaks is that the breaks just have one break with the rest used for giving feedback on what happened. As a commercial TV channel, this service is very good! The commentators during the matches that I’ve seen also seem entusiastic.

TV2 Norway:rating2
This is the Norwegian commercial channel that challenges NRK. They have a very interesting shows before and after the matches. In studio they feel more serious and professional, and during the matches. The only sad thing is that TV2 Norway is soo commercialised. The TV2 Norway commercial breaks are long and very boring! During the 15 minutes break, TV2 Norway broadcast one 40 second studio review show. Rest is commercials! This puts in the not-good-at-all category, which they don’t deserve because their programs are very good. It is more entertaining than NRK especially during a match, but the commercial breaks destroy the World Cup feeling totally.

SVT: rating5
The Swedish Public Service SVT (SVT1 and SVT2) is known for their quality broadcasting, and many Norwegian viewers have a tradition to choose SVT instead of the Norwegian channels when there is Olympic Games or sports events. The 2 main hosts André Pops and David Fjäll are very good. They have lots of experience from similiar events, and they feel comfortable and never boring to listen to. In a survey made by one of Sweden’s most popular newspapers, Expressen, 47% gave the two SVT hosts 5 stars by 5 possible, which is much higher than TV4’s main host Anna Brolin, with only 18% giving 5 stars to her. The match comments are a bit more popular on TV4 (23%) while SVT’s comments only get 14%. The expert reviews get 32% on SVT, while only 4% to TV4’s expert panel. The other experts and reporters also are much more popular on SVt than TV4. SVT never has interruptions as they are commercial free, and probably the best place to watch the FIFA in Scandinavia!

TV4 Sweden:rating1
Similiar to TV2 Norway with lots of commercials. But a bit different in the breaks and their journalism. They can have some interesting documentary shorts. I saw one was about the politics in Brazil. If the Brazilian football team loses, the President will prably lose the elections this autumn, it was quiet interesting with the interviews and I liked it… but most people prefer SVT as they are more serious, and people are more used to it that way. As mentioned, 4% of the surveytakers gave the Expert reviews on TV4 five stars. That says everything! TV4 is not used to have the biggest Events, and they will probably learn and be better in some years, as it gets more and more normal to show Fifa, Winter Olympics and other main events on the commercial channels, and TV4 is the biggest commercial channel in Scandinavia.

So here is a roundup on how Distrita looks at the Scandinavian television coverage of World Cup in Brazil. There are quite differences here, where SVT and TV2 Denmark is the winners, while TV4 Sweden could have scored much better if it wasn’t for the commercial breaks that destroys World Cup feeling totally. The same thing goes for TV2 Norway also. Their World Cup coverage before and after the matches are great, but TV2 Norway’s commercial extravaganza in the breaks makes the total feel of it go down.

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