You think that you must own an PC or MAC to become productive? Well! It’s the biggest lie since the dawn of the computing age. Ever since 1985, the Amiga computing lineup and its operating system have managed to deliver quality graphical tools that is as awesome or even cooler to use than any Photoshop compatible computer. Here we look at the Amiga alternatives, that will give your pocket reasons for going out one more time at cinema or on a concert you didn’t have funds fore because of that damn Adobe subscription cost took your last cash! Read On and Save billions!

New Commercial Software Available for almost Nothing and NO Subscription

Personal Paint 7.3b – (17.24 EURO at for both AmigaOS 3.x and AmigaOS 4.x)

With this paint package from Cloanto, you have all the painting tools needed. The program supports several image formats and is perfect for making web-design graphics. You can make logos, graphics, background images and much more. Personal Paint 7.3b is both available on a physical DVD from a Amiga retailer like or you can Download it from AmiStore. The program is both available for the nextgen AmigaOS 4.x PowerPC operating system, but also for Classic AmigaOS named as AmigaOS 3.x!

Some more information from website, regarding this product
Personal Paint Next-Generation is a completely reworked update of the venerable palette mapped bitmap graphics painting and image processing program originally developed by Cloanto for the Classic AmigaOS. The new version has been fully ported to AmigaOS 4.1 with a whole host of new features added.

  • Fully AmigaOS 4.1/PPC native
  • Totally integrated with the AmigaOS 4.1 Workbench
  • Supports AmigaOS 4 screen dragging
  • Smoother interaction with the OS4 screen dragging system
  • True colour animation frame thumbs in the StoryBoard window
  • High resolution gadget imagery and thin borders style GUI option for a more modern look
  • 9 new built in brush shapes
  • 100 new Custom Brushes
  • Pressure sensitive drawing
  • Dithered transparency
  • New Airbrush Linemode
  • Extended paint functionality with image processing tool

There is simply no exscuses to not get this. No need for paying subscription fee and it is totally functionable paint program that can be used for Web Design.

Tons of Abandonware and Freeware Software for AmigaOS that blows Photoshop

Photogenics, ImageFX, FXPaint and Art Effect

Art Effect with Layers in use on AmigaOS

These are just some graphic effect programs released exclusively for AmigaOS. They can compete a lot with Photoshop! Especially Art Effect, Photogenics and ImageFX pulls the graphic magic in every Amiga for you. And you dont need a graphics card. They support working in HAM8 modes that is almost true to 24bit image quality etc. To get these, you have to digg the net or ask Amiga people around if they have a copy to sell which they do. Most of these products are also abandonware, so you can get it on second hand. Photogenics, ImageFX, FXPaint and Art Effect isn’t sold anywhere it seems and thus you can get them. Art Effect is the only one with Layers in this category.

Deluxe Paint, TVPaint, Perfect Paint and Brilliance

Slarti Video Subtitling News image made possible with TVPaint for Amiga. Really fast and easy to use!

If you rather want to paint like using Personal Paint 7.3b, there are freeware options. TVPaint 3.6 is one of them and it supports several formats except for .PNG. But with Arexx, screengrabbing tools etc. It’s not a problem to save in .PNG file. Other than that, TVPaint supports .JPG, .GIF, .TIFF+++. TVPaint also support Layers.

Here is a list of what these programs can do or not

[table id=31 /]
Graphics program score for Web Design Usage
  • TVPaint - 100
  • Personal Paint - 95
  • Perfect Paint - 89
  • Brilliance - 48
  • Deluxe Paint - 45
  • Photogenics - 44
  • ArtEffect - 42

Verdict of the graphics programs

In this small review part of the article. We focused on the features and possibilities regarding creating a logo, banner and graphics for your website. Our best choice is without doubt TVPaint v3.6 for RTG Amigas. It doesnt work on OCS, ECS or AGA machines without a RTG card, but its really easy to upgrade. This program is now freeware and you can get it easy from a TVPaint development website, or from any other Amiga user that got it. It’s fully freeware, but got features worth more than 800 EURO (in 1996). Try it and you wont be disapointed. Many of Amiga programs can also be used together. So if you have an AGA Amiga etc, you can use Deluxe Paint or Brilliance at the same time etc. Or if you use Perfect Paint, it gives you many fileformat choices.

On Classic Amiga machines, you may also have issues with getting images online because of not so widely website support. Using AmigaOS 4.x or MorphOS may help you quite far though, but even these nextgen AmigaOS systems can have issues due to web browsers getting updates quite rarely. But if you have a PC or a MAC beside these systems. The issues are less.

We havent taken ImageFX into this review, because we havent managed to test it fully yet. We know that A-EON have bought the rights, but we dont know when a new version will come yet. Hopefully very soon, so we can update the list!