Galaxy S

The Galaxy S (I900) from Samsung must be the best from 2 worlds. The weight is only 119g, and the Super Amoled Screen is whole 4 inches! Our first experience when we hold it in our hands for the first time is that this must be the ideal mobile device to bring with us anywhere. It fits almost all pockets in jackets and even many jeans. The size is perfect!

Android under the skin
You have probably already read our review of Samsung Wave S8500 that runs on Bada OS, Samsung’s own operative system. The Galaxy S has almost the same specifications, but runs on Android, and soon you can upgrade it to Android 2.2. With Android you have access to thousands of apps in Android Market Store. The screen is bigger than Wave, to be exact 0,7 inches bigger and that is a difference, but the weight is exactly the same! The Galaxy S does not have own dedicated camera buttons like Wave, but looks more like iPhone where you have the capture button on the screen when you run the camera application. The camera is a little bit better on Wave, so if the picture quality is a big issue for you, maybe Wave is a better option. It is app 150 euros cheaper than the Galaxy S.

We love the screen on Galaxy S, and the menus have TouchWiz 3.0, the same as on Wave. The user interface feels almost the same. If you want to synchronize your phone with your pc, you need Samsung’s pc software, Samsung Kies. When we tested it, it was very buggy and almost impossible to upgrade the firmware with. But hopefully Samsung will launch new software upgrades after a while.

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Lastability
  • Price


Our conclusion is that Wave and Galaxy are two very nice phones. You should have a look in the store if you are not sure which one is best for you. With Galaxy S’ big 4″ screen it is perfect for watching movies and the characters are a little bit bigger, so it is easier to write messages with. If you have 600 euros to use for your next mobile phone, I think the Galaxy S may be your next phone! Congratulations!

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