AMAZiNG SPECS FROM SAMSUNG: Lots of news are just released or revealed actually about Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S6 Edge!
Here are the most interesting specs:
* Octa-core Exynos 7420 (14 nm.) @ 2,1 GHz
* 5,1″ Super AMOLED – 2560 x 1440
* 3 GB RAM
* 32GB internal storage space
* 20MP camera in back and 5MP camera in front

Extremely fast:
With Geekbench, Galaxy S6 Edge delivered 1492 points in single core test, and 5077 points in the multicore test. iPad air2 did only deliver 4535 points in the same multicore test, so it means the Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge will be the most powerful device out there!

A change like this doesn’t happen every year!
Are you among the mobile consumers that buy a new phone every year? Will you replace your Samsung Galaxy 5 with number 6 when it’s coming next month?
In our eyes, the Galaxy S6 will not be a regular replacement. The look is much more different than the recent phones in the S series! It’s a luxurious upgrade for the S5! S6 runs Android 5.0 Lollipop ofcourse and looks like a slab of metal and glass, really beautiful and elegant. It uses luxurious materials as brushed stainless steel and leather, so it will be fit a Ferrari or a Lambourghini lol. Hopefully Samsung will release it in March or April 2015, but still there are details to wait for. This model seems to adopt a huge Home button and it makes the Back Button and Recents buttons virtual. Are you a fan of permanent buttons, you will probably spend some time to get familiar with this one! It also seems less than 8 mm thin, it’s AMAZING! No other phones look like this until now!

Beautiful metal glass look!
The sides of the mobile seem to be made of metal or glass. Maybe the time for aluminium and stainless steel is over for the top models!? No matter what, this S6 is something special and unique, and it will be released as S6 but also as S6 Edge. Distrita will continue to cover this in the future! We will know more on the 1st of March when Samsung will have a special presenation of their flagship! Stay tuned!