Salzburg is presented as one of the two major tourist destinations. The other is Vienna, the capital.
Salzburg is the city of Mozart and magnificent summer festivals, nestled in a beautiful area, with an urban structure full of beautiful monuments and typical places such as Mirabell Palace, the home of Mozart, the Cathedral and the Hohensalzburg Castle, from where one can see a magnificent view over the city.
What to do in Salzburg
Salzburg Mirabell Palace
Mirabell Palace in Salzburg
While touring the pleasant old town enjoying their stars streets and attractive squares is a real pleasure, there are some places not to miss:
Hohensalzburg Fortress: Built in 1077, is the best preserved fortress in Europe and one of the most typical sights of Salzburg. Inside the fortress you can tour the beautiful rooms decorated with medieval pieces and a museum dedicated to the horrific elements of torture at the time.
Mozart’s Birthplace: Opened in 1880, the museum located in the house where the famous composer was born has become a place of pilgrimage for many music lovers. The rooms are still preserved in their original state, in which the instruments passed through the hands of the artist is.
Salzburg Cathedral: Decorated with an attractive facade and a huge dome of Italian style, the Salzburg Cathedral is the most emblematic religious building in the city and one of the most important baroque monuments in the north of the Alps. Despite its history replete with numerous fires shown untainted while gazing impassively life in the city.
Hellbrunn Palace: Built in 1612 as a summer residence for Prince-Archbishop Markus Sittikus, Hellbrunn Palace is an architectural gem surrounded by a wonderful setting. It has the stage to oldest outdoor Europe, dug into the rocks, and with a peculiar composition in which the water is particularly important.
Salzburg Museum: With a curious mix between modern art and multimedia installations, the Salzburg Museum offers a complete view of the city throughout its history for those interested in knowing it in an entertaining way.