Salvador Dali and Walt Disney’s Long Lost Collaboration

In 1946 Disney and Dalí created this animated story of Chronos, the personification of time who falls in love with a mortal. However, it was first realized in 2003. It is pretty wicked and puts art into animation for sure.

This art was supposed to become a part of another Fantasia sequel in Fantasia 2006. Sadly, it wasn’t made and now all the shorts are standalone. Disney should experiment way more with their films like they used to do. This 6 minutes short animation is an example of how genious Disney was. Now Walt Disney must shake his soul somewhere as Disney have lost their spirit totally. Its sad, because its not cheap sidcoms that Disney is known for,.. but it is Donald, Mickey Mouse etc.

Walt Disney and Salvador Dali – Destino from 2003

Fantastic art and animation. The music is also crazy but so Disney inspired also. Two brilliant minds, managed to create this masterpiece that got its own production finally in 2003. I never knew about this until now. So interesting! Salvador Dali is so known artist and its really great to see his crazy art become famous once again.

JOnas3MokaQ on YouTube

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