In 1946 Disney and Dalí created the animated story of Chronos, the personification of time who falls in love with a mortal. However, it was first realized in 2003. It is pretty wicked and puts art into animation for sure.

This art was supposed to become a part of another Fantasia sequel in Fantasia 2006. Sadly, it wasn’t made and now all the shorts are standalone. Disney should experiment way more with their films as they used to do. This 6 minutes short animation is an example of how genius Disney was. Now Walt Disney must shake his soul somewhere as Disney has lost their spirit totally. It’s sad, because it’s not cheap sitcoms that Disney is known for,.. but it is Donald, Mickey Mouse, etc.

In 2003, Disney Studios released “Destino,” a unique animated short film originally conceived by one unlikely pair—Walt Disney and famed Surrealist artist Salvador Dali.

Now, 15 years after its release, Park West Gallery is celebrating this “lost” project from two of the 20thcentury’s most iconic artists with a look at some lesser-known facts about its creation.

To get the inside scoop, we spoke with David Bossert, an artist and filmmaker with Walt Disney Studios for more than 30 years. Bossert has worked on many of the studio’s animated classics, including “Destino.” He also wrote “Dalí and Disney: Destino,” an innovative art book that recounts the history of the project that brought the two world-famous artists together.

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Walt Disney and Salvador Dali – Destino from 2003

An idea that came to my mind the first time I watched “Destino”. I said “That’s a great music video for Pink Floyd’s Time”. And it was! With only slight edits to make everything match perfectly, we have a masterpiece. Some video parts a little slower, some a little faster… and here we are.

As for Destino, it exists because of the Fantasia side of the Disney legacy. The story goes that the collaboration was scrapped because there simply wasn’t enough money to make it after WWII. Those were the lean Disney years. In 1999, Roy Disney rediscovered the Dali storyboards while mining Disney’s history for Fantasia 2000, fell in love with the images, and the rest is what you see on your screen.

Fantastic art and animation. The music is also crazy but so Disney inspired also. Two brilliant minds managed to create this masterpiece that got its own production finally in 2003. I never knew about this until now. So interesting! Salvador Dali is so known artist and its really great to see his crazy art become famous once again.

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