photosource: #Polymere 2015 / Sally Ann

Hi everyone, my name is Sally Ann and I have been invited to contribute on this wonderful site.

So, where to start? An introduction may be good! Like my machine of excellence – the Amiga – I am a multi-tasker … my life encompasses numerous roles: Musician, mother, media entrepreneur amongst others.

Distria has given me free rein here … therefore, all I am going to do is be me. What will I write about? How often will I write??? To be honest, I have no idea …. but that is the beauty of independent media … no expectations, no demands, just honesty!

2017 is now upon us and with the year change many of us are reflecting on what was during the last year and what is to become in this new year. Resolutions are being made, expectations are being defined.

For me, my annual resolution has always been the same for the last few years: I promise myself NOT to make any resolutions but, at the same time, I accept what has been and reason myself into continuing with positive momentum. Cos, at the end of the day, the new year is just a calender change … nothing more, nothing less.

Each and every day brings us something, even if we feel it has brought nothing. Live life for each minute. Don’t underestimate each small achievement of each day: You got up on time; you managed to feed yourself and your family; you survived! Bravo! It may seem small, yet every small step taken and achieved is something, is everything. Each achievement should be embraced and should help realise the goal that we are all seeking: Happiness. A goal that seems impossible is obtainable with the smallest of effort.

I finish this article with a wish that is not just limited to a calender change, but a wish that you should hold dear all your life …. do what you can, believe in yourself and make each and every day matter.

Thank you for reading me, and let’s just be and do … together we will create our own future.

Peace and love to all,


Sally Ann