Got Jolla mobile or Nokia N9 with Sailfish OS. Here is a small but important guide to the software that you can use which is native.

All of these apps that Distrita have been tested, can be found in Jolla store.

With this app, you can listen to music. It is great, and when set into Multitasking, you can control the app from desktop screen by swiping to left or to right. I moved my MicroSD card from my old Nokia E90 to Jolla phone and it found all of my songs. Great app! Only thing that I miss here is that the app is called Media, but it doesn’t play videos?

Score: 8/10
Developed by Jolla

The week might have lots of things on your schedule. With Calendar, this is not a issue anymore. The app is good, but have small issues regarding the calendar of the month I think when starting to using the app as days is hidden at the top. You need to swipe a bit down to see Monday to Sunday. I wish this was already on the main screen. Best reason for this is that all countries in the world have different ways of looking at the week at. Other than that, its brilliant. Nice alarm feature.

Score: 6/10
Developed by Jolla

Its nice to know where you are. This program is nice but lacks Google Maps quality. It is good, but as with many other Sailfish OS apps. You need to get used to it. Just follow the instructions on the screen and you will in the end love it.

Score: 8/10
Developed by Jolla

A nice little webkit browser. I actually find this browser more useable than the one coming with the phone. It is fast and as I can seen, Webcat shows every site in Desktop mode which is great. Very easy to add new bookmarks and navigate on websites. This browser is a must to have I think.

Score: 10/10
Developed by leszek

Got Facebook account? Well, almost everyone have one these days. Most of people don’t really care, but others would love to have Facebook more like the net. Why the need for seeing Facebook logo everywhere? Well, Friends is one of mobile markets best ever Facebook app that I have been used. You totally feel all of your Facebook contacts with messages and more is not part of Facebook at all, but part of the mobile messaging system. When this app is downloaded, you can also share pictures taken with camera app. Wonderful app.

Score: 10/10
Developed by Sfiet_Konstantin

File Browser
Ever wondered where your files are? Want to check out things on your device? Want to be able to copy, paste or delete files? File Browser is an excellent app for this purpose, but! Be careful. Sailfish OS is totally open and Distrita won’t recommend you to use it if you don’t know what you are doing. There are no restrictions, so be prepared. To access your MicroSD card you need to tap your finger on the screen and slide down. Then you see the menu and you can browse your MicroSD card. File Browser can play music files directly also, which is a bonus. You click on a music file, then tap your finger on the screen and slide down, which lets you play or stop the song that you have chosen. At the moment File Browser cannot play video files it seems, but other than that. This is Excellent software.

Score: 10/10
Developed by Kari 

More software guides for Sailfish OS will come. This is an excellent and new operating system developed by Jolla.

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