Putin is now investing in fast food. He wants to give McDonald’s a challenge, and because of that he gives more than 100 million Norwegian NOK to start a fast food chain that is going to challenge the burgers at McDonald’s. Finally Putin is doing something great.

Challenge is Good within Fast Food chains

The biggest problem with all of the American fast food chains, is that they sort of deliver the very same thing. Burgers, fries and coke. Although, some McDonalds restaurants does have local variations, but eating burgers and fries is sort of an unhealthy thing. Russian food is however delicious and I really urge people to make or try to sell it worldwide. Look at Chinese or Indian food. There are restaurants almost everywhere. Yes, I even found a Chinese restaurant at Orkney Islands north of Great Britain.

Who is Going to challenge the Big Mac?

This challenge have gone to two very known patriotic film makers. Their names is Nikita Mikhalkov and Andrej Kontsjalovskij. They have managed to get more than 100 million NOK to start this. They wrote to the government and got the support! Russian state owned television is describing this news as very positive. The news is getting quite big attention now in Russian media. Some of the critics says its a bad thing. They claim that this is a first step towards pulling foreign restaurants and fast food places out of Russia, but as Distrita is an independent media. Our opinion is that this effort is great. But we urge Russia to not ban McDonald’s or any other International restaurants. People should choose if they want McDonald’s there or not. The marked should control if they are wanted or not.

Anyway, when I do goto India, to China or even to Korea or Japan. I rather want to taste the local food. The same thing with Russia. Tourists are often sceptic to taste foreign food and then it is nice for them to have a fast food chain that really shows Russian quality food. This project can be success, but then plans and goals should be so that this will go the right way.

While Nikita Mikhalkov won an Oscar in 1995 for the film “Burnt By the Sun”, Andrej Kontsjalovskij got a long Hollywood career behind him.

The name of the new Russian success

Nikia and Andrej new fast food chain is going to be named “Let us Eat at Home”. If the chain gets a Russian style logo that could be used everywhere in the world. Now that would be a nice thing. Distrita still doesn’t know how these fast food restaurants is going to look or if this is ment to be only drive-food-to-customers concept.

Anyway. My final words is.
Just look at all of the American fast food chains. They are almost everywhere. Chinese restaurants are also everywhere. So, Russians. This is interesting.


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