If there is a place on earth with most cities connected by Metro, Light Rail and Trams, then it is the Ruhr region of Germany. Distrita has been there and we give you a guide and rate each of the towns in the region that we have visited. Here we bring you our personal comments and pictures from this very interesting part of Germany and Europe.

Our rating goes from the worst to the best transit town in Ruhr region. You can see the verdict our last part of these series of  articles.

Dusseldorf Airport connects Ruhr region

We arrived in Dusseldorf airport. A big and messy airport. The signs is confusing and we had people asking us where to go as if we were working there!? The first odd thing that was easy to notice, is the way escalators prevents you to just pull your bagage easy on the stairs. All of the escalators, and also the ones to the skytrain or to the underground train station got  big blocking things in front of entrances that gives bad and stressed situations for people that tries to catch a skytrain etc. I don’t understand why its a common thing to make such blocking things in Germany.

Map of Dusseldorf Airport

So, our very first transit challenge began at the airport of Dusseldorf, because of a quite messy transit and train station location. The airport got two different transit options. One is the skytrain that takes you to D-Flughafen train station and the other one is regular train that you from D-Flughafen Terminal train station to D-Unterrath station or to the city center. But to confuse you even more, D-Unterrath and D-Flughafen train stations are also linked. Make sure that you read you thru the signs. Also D-Flughafen and D-Flughafen Terminal isn’t near at all. Just look at the map above!

Tip!: The fastest way to Dusseldorf town, is to take the skytrain to D-Flughafen and then a train to Dusseldorf mainstation. Do not take the train from D-Flughafen Terminal. It is only used by local train Line S4, so the trains stops on every station towards Dusseldorf. On D-Flughafen, where you can reach by skytrain. You can get a much faster train that doesn’t stop on each stations. Also if you want to go to other places in the Ruhr region, it is a much wiser choices to go here than taking the train from D-Flughafen Terminal station.

We find it very strange, that those who built these connections choose to build a underground station at the airport. This confuses more than it helps. I had people asking me about the fastest way to Dusseldorf center and thats a bit bad really.  The automatic line should either go directly to D-Unterrath train station or it should reach Dusseldorf itself.

Some photos from Dusseldorft Airport area

Ruhr region of Germany
Goes from Terminal C thru A and B + Parking house to D-Flughafen train station
Ruhr region of Germany
Here you can take trains from D-Unterrath station to D-Flughafen Terminal

With about 600 000 people, this town should be a nice transit city. It really is, but it seems like some of its tram lines got the very same issues as Oslo, where trams shares the road with busses and cars. However, Germans are pretty smart as they put traffic lights in front of tram stations that is on street levels. It gives the extra service worth it.

D-Unterrath Tram and Train station Experience

After some exchanges and me choose to explore more of the city. I choose to check out the tramline from D-Unterrath station to the city center of Dusseldorf. You need to walk 2 minutes. To get to the tram station, you need to walk up the stairs so you reach the bridge, then go to the left and just follow the signs down to the trams. From here you can take tramline 705 and 707.

Ruhr region of Germany
D-Unterrath tram station. 2 minutes walk from the train station.
Ruhr region of Germany
Tram tracks crossings on street level in Dusseldorf. Nice looking town for sure.

Map of Dusseldorf 

The trams in the city goes thru the city center on streets, but Dusseldorf also got Metro and Tram lines in tunnel that meets. They meet at a station called Heinirich-Heine-Allee. We didn’t see the area around it, but got to see the area around Dusseldorf Hauptbahnhof and I must say it is one of the main train stations in the region that looks pretty inside, but once you go out it feels a bit too empty.

Ruhr region of Germany
Tram line 701 with new tram wagons in the Dusseldorft city center

The tram journey from D-Unterrath to the city center takes some minutes. It is faster to take the train to D-Derendorf and then take 701 towards the city center, but I wanted to feel the experience of how it is to take the tram in this part of the city.

Most of Dusseldorf got an quite extensive tramline system. It is helped by a subway system that also acts like an light-rail/tram system also. The Ruhr area got many of those and Dusseldorf is no exception to this. However, what really interested my is how the subway/metro lines reaches other nearby cities. Here in Norway this seems to be so farout that the politicians doesn’t even want to think positively if you mention it.

Dusseldorf got two other towns nearby, that is reached by metrolines U76 and U79. U76 takes you to Krefeld, while U79 takes you to Duisburg. Yes,  you can reach these towns also with local train service that is much faster. But if you want to see the scenery and want to explore and feel how to be a local in this area. I suggest that you try it out. We took the U79 to Duisburg and experienced a Metro line running quite fast, but also thru farming and only forest areas. Really cool.

Ruhr region of Germany

In the next episode, we will be looking at Duisburg, Essen and Gelsenkirchen. Traveling around Ruhr area is amazing for both explorers and those loving trams, metros and trains. Follow Distrita on social media and share our articles.

Dusseldorf Light Rail Experience

Source: Distrita Own Experience, timosha21 on YouTube – photosource: Michal Bergseth