Tram 25 toward city center in Peppelweg, Rotterdam


Tram Line 25 goes from Rotterdam Central Station

In our Netherlands series we have put Travel, Shopping and Transportation into our priorities. This time I take you on a Tram trip from Rotterdam central station to Peppelweg.

Tram line 25 starts in Rotterdam city center and then goes over a huge bridge into a station called Sint Franciscus Gasthuis. All trams in Rotterdam seems to be very new, with low-floor trams that are nice to ride with. Only three small negative things I noticed. The seats is just plastic! Another thing is the ticket system, which is the same as in Amsterdam and Den Haag. You need to piip your ticket card when enter and piip it in front of ticked machines again when you leave. And the last thing is all of the security. If the system is so strict, why having so many ticket controllers as addon?


Peppelweg area from inside of the Tram. Beautiful


A duck lady with a tiny duck crossing the street in Peppelweg, Rotterdam

Anyway. This article is about a very beautiful but unknown area of Rotterdam. From station named Meidoornsingel, the tram starts to run on a single track around a very nice and calm area. The place I went to was Peppelweg. It was like the world stood still there, when I took my first steps outside of the tram. I managed to take some pictures of a duck with a small duck, some stores and also the tram which fits very nicely into the scenery. I’ve never seen a more silent area and you can sort of thank the trams because of that. People here does not need a car to get to the city center in an easy and comfortable way.

This area of Rotterdam is a good example for all cities out there. It shows how great public transportation can be done. With small canals and this tram. Peppelweg area is such area I wish more cities would make.

If more cities around the globe could do something about their enviroment like this part of Rotterdam. I am sure it would help for health.

Here I have gathered all pictures which have been taken on my Rotterdam visit. As this is about Tram Line 25, I also include pictures of Rotterdam Central Station and of Metro Line E which connects Rotterdam and Den Haag: