Rockstar has out of the blue announced that L.A. Noire comes in new version to HTC Vive, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Playstation 4. This version will also be available in Virtual Reality or VR version too.

L.A Noire coming on November 14th for today’s consoles

The upgraded version will be released on 14th of November. The HTC Vive edition will have  seven of the missions only, while the console versions will get the full package. It seems like Rockstar have lost it a bit. Seems like money is more important than making games that is meant for to be made for the players. Here Rockstar have found a niche that they can expand and earn a lot on. Rockstar seems to ignore that players is after good gaming content, but this is just a money wanting release  for sure.

Playstation 4 and Xbox One releases get enhanced graphics, while Switch Edition has “JoyCon” mode and touch controls. The game runs in 1080p HD scrennmode on PS4 and Xbox One, but the Playstation 4 Pro and Xbox One X versions does have 4K possibility.

The game was first launched in 2011 – In 2017 av VR Update

There is simply nothing new to this news other than enhanced graphics and a Virtual Reality (VR) update. It means that you now can take part of the L.A Noire world without seeing the person beside you. VR is nice, but it totally looses the meaning of social gaming. For some its a wow experience the very first times you play games. But after a while, you change back to sitting in the couch. There is nothing like it when you play a game and have a table full of sweets and drinks. With a VR helmet this is totally gone. I guess this is something that people can decide themselves for sure. But VR launch have been attempted many times. It took the minidisc or even USB standard very long time before people took it to their hearts. So, maybe VR will be something that everyone wants to have and use for a longer time now? Time only knows!


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