The boy match was between the 17 year old Yohio and the 22 year old Robin. But Robin had the strongest song! He has song 3 weeks in row. He’s the first Melody Festival singer ever that goes from the 2nd chance and wins the final! We congratulate him, and thank the International judges… The Swedish viewers gave most votes to Yohio, but that was not sufficient, since Robin already lead the International voting. Robin was speechless after the final and had problems to sing the 2nd time after the results were ready.

Robin Stjernberg
Robin Stjernberg

Robin’s song “You” is very catchy and will of course be a super hit on the Swedish (and European) radio channels during the spring.  The final gave 1,6 million phone votes and 2,7 million SEK  (almost 350.000 Euros) to the Help for poor Kids in the 3rd world (Radiohjalpen), so the circus generates something good at least. It was also the first time the final was held in Friends Arena, the newest and biggest arena in Stockholm and Sweden. Then we know that Robin will represent Sweden in Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo in May. Good luck!

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