Beef ribs with carrots and onions with mezcal


  1 Kg Roast beef rib

  1 tablespoon ground oregano

  Salt with garlic

  4 carrots

  1/2 onion

  2 coriander branches

  3 lemons

  1 tablespoon oil

  1 glass Mezcal

  20 Cambray Onions

  2 Avocados

  1 tomato


  60 minutes

  Once having all the ingredients we start with the meat.

  Marinate the ribs with salt and garlic and ground oregano.

  While we marinate the ribs, we peel the carrots and cut them into flat slices.

  We put the carrots on the hot plate over low heat and remove when it has a softer consistency but without burning.

  Chop the tomato onion and cilantro and split the avocados.

  In a molcajete we grind a clove of garlic and add salt to taste, then we grind the avocados.

  Add the tomato, onion and cilantro in addition to squeezing a lemon.

  For the onions we cut the tips and cut leaving half of the branch

  We form a sturdy foil bag, put the onions, add a handful of salt, tablespoon of oil and the glass of mezcal.

  Once we remove the carrots we put to roast the ribs.

  Remove until you have cooking to taste and there we put the bag with the onions for 15 minutes.

  Remove the onions once cooked.

  We serve with a tomato sauce, Guacamole, carrots and onions.