People are always getting confused when buying new shampoos. Mostly men which have been given the task by their wifes struggles by standing in front of the shelves with many types of shampoos. Often he ends up with a cheap shampoo that is not good for his scalp at all. We as humans all have different hair types that have different requirements. It means that the shampoo you just choose might not fit for your wife or friend. Shopping for shampoo is not like buying the same milk type from the store anymore. There are so many factors to consider and So many options to choose from. This all can get very confusing if you don’t know what your requirements are. So, were looking at it for you.

Right Shampoo For Your Hair TypeKnow your scalp type is Really Important

You need to know what type of scalp you have before you buy a shampoo. The purpose of a shampoo is to get rid of the oil, dirt and dead cells that are accumulated on your scalp, hence it is meant for your scalp. Other shampoo types says for both scalp and body. In fact, all shampoos can be used as soap for your body too if you didn’t knew. Scalp got skin like all of your body do too. However. If your scalp is oily, then you should get a shampoo that is meant for oily scalp. If you want volume in your hair, then you need a volumizing shampoo. Or if you have a dandruff problem, then an anti-dandruff shampoo will do the job for you.

Many grocery stores and even online sites have a wide variety of shampoos to choose from. Many of them also got a filter that divides shampoos into categories for easier selection. Use different Triple Resist Reinforcing Haircare Shampoos if your hair is suffering from breakage. Know what type of hair you got by asking a cutter for example. She or he will know and so you will better know what shampoo to choose next time you are going to buy one.

Oily scalp needs Right Shampoo

If you have an oily scalp, then you probably know the struggle that goes into making them look good. Sometimes it means that you might shower too few times a week. While for others it simply needs to change shampoos, washing patterns and much more. There are a few factors that need consideration when choosing a shampoo for oily scalp.

  • Shampoos that are hydrating and moisturizing need to be avoided at all costs for people with Oily scalp
  • If the choosen Shampoo are suitable for normal scalp types and dry scalp types but for oily scalp is a disaster. You will be adding more oil onto your already oily scalp
  • Look always for Shampoos that strengthen and volumize as they tend to remove oil from the scalp
  • Clarifying shampoos work best with oily scalps. They effectively remove oil and dirt but be careful with shampooing too often as you don’t want to over dry your scalp
  • Massaging your scalp while shampooing increases blood circulation and gets rid of all the buildup of oil and dirt

Don’t condition the roots! The only condition the bottom part of your hair. Conditioning the scalp is bad for your hair health, and it will add extra moisture. Purchase Pert Plus 2 in 1 Shampoo plus conditioner, light for getting rid of that oily scalp. Simply do not add more oil. Keep on using right shampoo until your hair isn’t oily anymore. Then you can continue on usings normal Shampooos.

Dry scalp results in embarrassing itchiness

Dry scalp results in dandruff and itchiness. It can mean that the environment that you are in are dry. Dandruff is very embarrassing especially when it is a lot and starts to fall on to your shoulders as well. Having a black or dark shirt or clothes make these white flakes look clearer. Dry scalp needs much more moisture and choosing the right type of shampoo for this scalp type can be very challenging. There are a few factors to consider when buying a shampoo for dry scalp type:

  • Strengthing and volumizing shampoo are very harmful to dry scalps. They tend to strip away moisture that is required for a dry scalp
  • Look for shampoos that hydrate and moisturize. These will add extra moisture that the dry scalp needs in order to be normal
  • Shampoos that are made specifically for dry scalps can be very beneficial. They have ingredients that can moisten the dry scalp
  • Always avoid shampoos containing sulfate, as they tend to dry out the scalp and hair
  • Don’t avoid shampooing even when your scalp is dry. Shampooing scalp is very important for the health of your hair

Both men and women that are suffering from dry scalp. Treating your scalp with lots of love is important. Getting the right shampoo for dry scalp is crucial. Talk with your cutter about this. Some of them will recommend their own shampoo types to sell. However if the cutter is serious he will give you the correct answer for what type of shampoo you should be using. Fixing a dry scalp is easy, but if you use wrong type of shampoo your scalp can become even worse.

Right Shampoo For Your Hair TypeNormal scalp should use mild Shampoo types

When your scalp is neither oily or dry, then you can choose from a much wider variety of options depending on your preferences and needs. Examples are:

  • Volumizing shampoo for limp hair
  • Strengthening shampoo for damaged hair
  • Anti-frizz for frizzy hair
  • Smooth/silk shampoo for adding smoothness and silkiness to your hair cuticles.

Balancing shampoo is perfect when you don’t want to dry out your hair and neither wants to make your scalp oily. It is the perfect option when trying to be in the middle.

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