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I am sitting here with lots of questions about what Eurodance is. So, let me try to explain. It all began at the end of the 1980s when similarities to Eurodance was formed because of other music genres. So I wanted to dig into the popularity of the Eurodance genre itself. A genre that united millions of people around the globe with its simplicity.

Your questions regarding this topic are what we are trying to reveal in this article. At the same time, we are still questioning about which artist that was the very first Eurodance band. Because that is still unclear.

Most of the Eurodance bands became huge because of their House and Club style of music. Eurodance is a genre taken bits from House, Club, Techno, and rap. Today it is still HOT with groups like KEiiNO delivering quality Eurodance tracks (check their latest song on Muuuzic here!). But what’s so special about this music genre? Why do sites such as Muuuzic, Eurokdj and even Eurodance Magazine continue supporting it despite a huge decline in popularity? Let’s reveal the Eurodance secrets!

In the rest of the article, I’ll give more info on where the popularity of Eurodance came from. We try to dig out some truths too about Dr. Alban and his impact in Poland. Because his It’s My Life hit was a huge starter in my country where I was born.

Eurodance created the Personal Belly dancing interest

This genre made people dance all the way from their living rooms onto the dancefloors across the globe. It formed hips and belly dancing that has been popularized over the years as a joyful art that all sorts of people do.

We can conclude that, after all, the Eurodance dance genre has all the essential ingredients that make it worthy to be cherished at moments of joy or woe. Nowadays sexy belly dancing is not only practiced by female dancers, but even male dancers all over have taken a deep interest in it from their living rooms to this form of art because of the Eurodance genre.

The popular Eurodance dance form was made out of popular Africans and Arabs musicians, who settled themselves in the USA before moving to Germany and in other parts of the world.

With the passage of time, the Eurodance genre has witnessed several alterations in its form, style, and costume and the same goes for its music. From lots of House type of Eurodance to more and more rap sliding into the beats before trance genre mixed its tone from Robert Miles and Mephisto into the dance genre too. So by listening to Eurodance, you’re also listening to the evolution of several music genres at the same time also.

Here are the Reasons for listening to Eurodance:

  • Getting the uplifting mood all week
  • Feeling sexy about yourself
  • Becoming productive in all tasks you do
  • Let your belly dance to the rhythm
  • Pop into another dimension

The Easy lyrics of Eurodance made people learn Positive vibe

When it comes to Eurodance music, it’s those grooving beats with their upbeat motions that imparts this dance form its true beauty. Together with easy to understand lyrics the songs makes all sorts of people remember positive words.

Almost every Eurodance tune is about love, devotion, passion, moving, rhythm and dancing. There are made in an uplifting way so that people can easily like songs. There are no rules about what a Eurodance song should contain, but it is about lifting that sexy spirit that everyone is hiding to come out.

The graceful movement of each part of the body with a flickering pulsation of the hips and the hypnotic music forms the awe-inspiring sight to behold.

This music is always associated with the electronic music revolution. Improvisation of this genre has taken place with the introduction of various instruments, each of which has its own specialty. Nonetheless, This music has to be such that it creates an electrifying and stimulating atmosphere and helps to ignite the fire both within the dancers and the audiences.

Eurodance united the World like no other Genre

The most known artists such as 2 Unlimited, MAXX, Scatman John, E-Type, Cappella, Antique, New System, DJ BOBO and B.G. The Prince of Rap changed the world. But also Dr. Alban, Mephisto, B-Cap and other Eurodance brought the world to a better place to be.

In the Eastern part of Europe such as Russia, Hungary, Poland, Chech or even Slovenia. These countries just had left the Sovjet times. Most of these countries never experienced the real 70’s and 80’s music era, because of the black curtain that kept the import of anything from the west very hard to get.

Together with Germany, these gave a huge boost to the genre. Resulting in that Poland got its own Discopolo genre.

The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway had the Eurodance momentums too. But not in the same way as in Eastern Europe. Also, most of the charts from that era isn’t correct as most of the music that you could buy in Poland etc. were pirated.


Dr. Alban changed countries such as Poland forever

On the booths all the way from the German border into the city center of Swinoujscie there were sellers selling Dr. Alban and other big Eurodance hits on copied cassettes or CDs.

Dr. Alban with his It’s My Life tune is, in fact, the very first song that landed on all of the top chart lists in Poland when it was out in 1992. I remember dancing to the music everywhere I went in Poland at that time with my friends. This song lasted many months on the chart lists. You could watch the music video on every tv channel in Poland. I am not joking that I even heard it over long-distance radio frequency radio when browsing them in 1992.

So, the summer of 1992 was pretty wild and fun. He brought also Asia towards Europe more than any artist before too. Eurodance tunes united religions and cultures. The objectives of each song were to unite all and make them feel better about anything in life. That if you have the will, you can accomplish anything and so these songs spread uplifting vibes everywhere.

Aqua nearly destroyed the good vibe of Eurodance

Then back in 1997, a Danish Eurodance group became way too popular and almost destroyed the good vibe of Eurodance. Not with their Roses Are Read tune which is quite okay. But it was their Barbie Girl hit that was played everywhere that year.

Aqua introduced this tiny playful voice of Lene and made that theirs and many others as their singing image. All of the seriousness beats and rap was on the edge of getting totally killed in the Eurodance genre. But luckily things changed for the better with groups such as Antique and La Cream. In 1999 we even got a new diversion of Eurodance genre with Spike from northern America. Spike delivered this kind of music vibe but in a much slower mode. Yet they nailed it.

I could write hours about the Eurodance genre itself. I have certainly forgotten many Eurodance groups. But you should know that Eurodance is still alive today and that’s something I am very happy about.

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