There is a reason why people that go to places should follow rules. The rules are set because your safety comes first. Your parents teach you how to behave, but you as an adult don’t listen to rules as at Reynisfjara in Iceland. Please do respect the local rules whenever you are.

Not all seem to understand the rules at Reynisfjara in Iceland

As can be seen in this video below that we found in The Reykjavik Grapevine, there are two tourists that are trying to get a shot of the breaking waves, but they haven’t read the rules. They are simply standing in the danger zone but ignores this.

The waves power is way stronger than they expected. So they are Knocked over by the wave. The tourists are able to get onto their feet without being pulled in by the notorious undertow at Reynisfjara. They are very lucky. But if they had read the warnings and followed them. They didn’t have to freeze their way back to their hotel where they are staying at.

Not even Police warnings scare tourists from Reynisfjara

Nothing seems to teach adults to not hurt themselves or respect nature at Reynisfjara in Iceland. It seems like even they can’t keep the people away from the area. Not even Police warnings that closed the beach entirely during a falling rock scare just last month, which injured three The Reykjavik Grapevine writes.

There are warning signs set up at the beach, in multiple languages, but still, people want to test their limits.  The signs are warning people that Reynisfjara is rife with sneaker waves and a fierce undertow.

But people seem to ignore it. Iceland with its population of just 330.000 has had a touristic boost like no other country. People come from all over the globe to see this amazing country. With them, people bring no respect for nature in Iceland. Maybe they think that Iceland is the same as the Florida state in the USA or southern France to name a few examples.

Reynisfjara in Iceland is Not a Playground

photosource: Pascale Elísabet Skúladóttir – Reynisfjara is a world-famous black-sand beach but you should not underestimate the powers of the ocean here!

People that are adults continue in trying to think that they know better than what the Icelandic laws say it is.  It should be very logical for people that want to visit Any other country to learn and understands the laws and rules for the country where they are heading to.

Don’t let the Beautyness of the World trick Your Mind

Reynisfjara in Iceland is a world-famous black-sand beach found on the South Coast of Iceland, just beside the small fishing village of Vík í Mýrdal.

This place is the southern part of Iceland is certainly beautiful but remember: It’s a lot more beautiful when you survive the experience without getting wet or in the worst cases drowned. This means that giving the waves in this cold temperature salty water a wider berth than you may think necessary.

Reynisfjara in Iceland is Not a Playground

photosource: Pascale Elísabet Skúladóttir on Facebook – Saved but the trip back to the hotel will not be a pleasant one

You should always stay closer to where the sand and earth meet. Stand far away from the water, and the experience will be fun. If the Police are there be also polite to respect the laws. Iceland is a country that is in constantly move.

Source: Pascale Elísabet Skúladóttir