Welcome to the world of freedom and the blessings of an web browser coming from the Norwegian mountains. The founder and CEO, Jon von Tetzchner of Vivaldi, was creating a browser before most people had even heard of the internet. He was the founder of Opera web browser and now he have created a unique Vivaldi web browser that deserves way more attention. So we decided to give Version 2.1 of the web browser a GO!…

Review of Vivaldi web browser
Distrita and Amitopia showing side by side in Vivaldi web browser

Different Approach than Google and Mozilla

Unlike Apple’s and Microsoft’s heavily integrated web browsers, Vivaldi has the advantage that it is under continuous development in a much smaller scale and therefore is a lot less likely to have security loop holes, such as the ones so commonly exploited in Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and now also Google Chrome which scour its already blemished reputation.

The layout of Vivaldi is remarkably similar to that of Google Chrome, as any web-browser should look, with the standard address bar and other features in the expected places. However, apart from the exterior looking similar, there are some major differences and significant improvements included in Vivaldi. The first of which is tabbed browsing which is way more advanced. You can have two or more tabs windows on the screen at the same time.

Once you find the split icon which is in the bottom right corner beside the camera one (that lets you take shots of sites you’re on). You can adjust this feature. Choose if you want the sites that you have included into the one tab to be shown side by side, on top of each other or in a four window type of design.  You can also choose to have the tabs on top, on either left or right and even at the bottom.

The GUI configuration settings of Vivaldi is one of the web browser strongest points. It’s possible to adjust the looks of the browser very much, which many will like. If you use AmigaOS like me which is one of worlds most configurable operating systems. Then it is really awesome to see how much you can adjust. Makes me happy!

Unique features makes Vivaldi web browser Interesting

The “Download Manager” of Vivaldi is also a great improvement on Google Chrome effort. As well as allowing you to create a common folder to download all files and folders to, it also lets you pause and resume downloads at any point, meaning those longer downloads can be saved in chunks and means that you don’t have to leave your computer running until the download is completed.

The download part in Vivaldi browser also got a nice Search string bar which lets you find the files that you have downloaded much easier.


You can also add the most important websites to the side panel by hitting the + icon. The site opens in a closed environment on the side of the web browser. But I question if this is a feature that is needed? For me the Bookmarks part is enough. It does what its supposed to do.

Review of Vivaldi web browser
Distrita, Muuuzic, Amitopia and Medifx sites shown in one Vivaldi browser tab.

Notes feature of Vivaldi could have been Perfect

Welcome to the only web browser with its own Notes feature built in. This feature let’s you make notes on each of the sites. You can grab the site you are on and almost make it as a social media post. It is a brilliant feature that should be much more than it is today.

This feature of Vivaldi web browser could be developed further I think. Instead of only being a Notes feature. This Notes feature should let you create as many Notes you want to make on the site that you are visiting. Simple! So, when you switch to another site then the Notes feature should switch to Notes you’ve made for the other site. I think its almost pointless of having this feature without Notes following the site you visit.


Just think of it. You goto a site like or and you are able to find a nice food recipe that you want to follow.  You copy that recipe, put it into the Notes section for lets say and you have it. Vivaldi would then remember this Note no matter if you get disconnected or not.

I think that such feature would be Handy! Now that would be fantastic. But it is nice to see such feature in a web browser. Good job!

Great web surfing experience with Vivaldi

On HTML 5 Test page Vivaldi browser scores 502 out of 555 Points. Which is the exact same number as I get with Google Chrome. Watching YouTube works really well, Google Maps is fast and the overall web surfing experience is great. The feature to have more that one page in one tab is brilliant. For huge monitors, this feature is  brilliant.

Vivaldi seems to be a very nice web browser, with some unique web browser ideas which they should take further. The question I sit with after trying this web browser for some days now. Why isn’t Vivaldi doing more? We haven’t been testing the addons or sync functions of the browser! Vivaldi seems to be a very powerful web browser. We have reviewed the MacOSX version of Vivaldi v2.1!


  • Features
  • Speed
  • Usage
  • Compatibility

The Final Verdict of Vivaldi web browser

It is hard to choose your favorite web browser. Mainly because most of people simply use the web browser that comes with either Windows or MacOSX. But ones you loose up and turn around, search for new web browsers. Then you might find your favorite web browser. I am not saying that Vivaldi web browser will become your favorite web browser if you give it a try. But it is a really fresh way of browsing the net today.

Many people expect to understand everything with web browsing from the moment they sit down in front of a computer. For me with many years of web browsing experience. I felt in love with Vivaldi! I love it because of its unique features and speed. But if I try to imagine myself as a normal person using the web. I can see that using Vivaldi can be a learning curve if you haven’t experienced its features. But once you understand them, you will love them.




Vivali is available for Windows, Mac and Linux on their page here




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