Can vegetarian fast food products be tasty, healthy and cheap? Max Burger has 6 vegetarian and even vegan options, and we have written a review after our last visit. Maybe you were thinking fast food had to be unhealthy and that there was no way to have success with vegetarian “junk” food? Max is a Swedish hamburger chain that we have covered in earlier articles like this one where we wrote about the best Fries Review in Oslo. And since we published that article in 2013, Max has grown and become a steady competitor to Burger King and McDonalds in Norway. Today Max has the best opening hours in Oslo (open until 1am every night and 3:30am in the weekends, while some McDonalds and Burger King closes earlier.) Max also likes to use a review that shows that Max Original Burger knocks out the BigMac and Whopper Cheese. Max gets the best score according to a new review launched by YouGov. It is impressing how Max is climbing in Norway, after just 5 years in this country. But why should all the fast food restaurants serve just unhealthy food? Why is there no real green fast food chain?

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Max Burger Restaurant Oslo vegetarian fast food

Max has a simple interior design with white chairs, orange lamps and lots of space

Max Burger Restaurant Oslo: Gronland

As Max grows in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and United Arab Emirates, they have the potential to offer new and exciting products… Max writes: “Health trend is growing all over the world – and Max has the initiative! Almost all families have a vegetarian member. We have 6! They are not only burgers. It is our way to offer the best burgers to everyone, with our new Green family, it is a spot for everyone. We are proud to present our new lakto-ovo-vegetarian and vegan product. We hope you enjoy them!” One of their new products is a low-carb burger that is served without bread. We are happy that Max takes this issue seriously and thinks new! Is it possible to sell something healthy, well tasting and cheap?


While most people still choose their number one product, more and more new products

are added to Max’ portfolio. And we find their new green family line quite interesting. We decided to check out their vegetarian news: Max has a long list of exciting green news. Today we chose the “Crispy Mexican Menu”. According to the Max website this new vegetarian burger consists of many healthy ingredients: Gluten, lactose, Cow’s milk protein, egg, mustard, sesame, soybeans Brioche, pepper jack cheese, bean burger, cucumber, red onion, lettuce and Spicy Original Dressing. (Lacto – ovo). We have tried out vegetarian food many places, but we have mixed experiences… Would Max surprise us? Or is the food still boring and without any taste?

Vegetarian fast food

Vegetarian fast food looking yummy

Veggie fast food

Veggie fast food

In fact Max surprises us! The Crispy Mexican Menu is not any tasting bomb! But we didnt expect that neither so we are not dissapointed. And the taste is actually very good. Or just like Max promote it: “Less fat, sugar and salt. Little fat but lots of taste“. The bread feels much more healthy, almost gourmet, compared to just a normal fast food burger… And we really don’t miss the meat at all! It gives us a complete meal, and we are not hungry afterwards. We really like the taste and will definitely choose this one again.

Here is more fact about the new green family

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Less fat, sugar and salt
Since 2002 Max is offering low-fat products while we simultaneously have reduced the amount of fat, sugar and salt in our ordinary selection. During the hamburger chains 40-year history we have never made such great changes in our product line.

Vegetarian fast food at Max

Vegetarian fast food at Max

No trans fat or GMO at Max
At Max, quality and natural fresh ingredients are the keys to excellent products. Controls and safety are paramount. We are also continuously striving to make our food healthier. That is why we do not have any Genetic Modified Organism (GMO), transfat, antibiotics or growth hormones in our food.


We were the first to change our menus, which resulted in a change for the entire QSR industry in Sweden. It did not take long before our competitors followed our lead.

Little fat but lots of taste
Our Delifresh product family includes food and drinks with little fat but lots of taste. Choose a green salad, mini carrots or slices of apple with your Delifresh meal and a diet soft drink, juice or water. Max also offers meals with low GI (Glycemic Index).

Fast food? Delifresh took 7 months to develop!
The development work for the Delifresh family took us 7 months and is still in progress.

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Some of the changes we made when we launched Delifresh:
Chicken burgers with rye bread containing only 6% fat.
The introduction of a GI-bun. The introduction of Low Carb. The new line also includes a new low fat dressing (7.6%) and new low fat soft ice cream as a dessert choice.

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Crispy Mexican Menu by Max Burger
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We really liked the Crispy Mexican burger, and although Coke and Fries never is a bad combo, we would like to be offered a healthier option, like a fruit drink and or a small salad… But this is a really great start and we look forward to follow the Green Family Growing at Max and in other restaurant chains.