There was a time when people used computers like Amiga, Atari or Mac for music making. People made MIDI-music and tracking music. People got samplers and made files with music, which could be played by players like Hippo Player for Amiga.

Now, people uses stream services more and more. People are more and more into stream services, while storage media like CD’s is getting less and less popular.

Is this a good thing? Distrita thinks it harms as Internet is such a medium which is not 100% stable. Even in future, with full wi-fi coverage everywhere, the net will go down sometimes. Another thing is that the Streaming services doesn’t allow 3rd party players to become a part of them. Spotify, iTunes and Wimp are known music stream services here in Norway. They let you download the songs locally, but they do demand that you use their software. You cannot download WinAMP or any other audio player and play your favourite Spotify or Wimp track.

With audio storage files like MP3 and Flac. You have wide of players. Including iTunes which supports that. You can download iTunes songs that you have bought and convert them to MP3, to be able to play the songs on your mobile phone or Hi-Fi stereo system. By storage those bought songs on your HD, mempen or mobile/tablet. You will always be sure that the song is there, even if the Internet is down.

There are so many players, gadgets and mobiles supporting all kinds of storage audio-media files of all varieties. Also, if you have bought a new mobile recently, it is very often that Spotify, Wimp or iTunes is not available (on Android, BlackBerry etc) from the moment that you have bought it. This means that you have to get the streaming players to be able to listen to your songs. Then it is way easier to just transfer the albums or songs that you have bought over to your desired device and play.

If you want to be safe and want your music that you have bought to be safe, then get a audio player like WinAMP. It might sound a bit old-school to tip this now, but its a very good tip. You’re also not tied to what sort of Internet connection to have to get high quality music.

If you want the best music, Distrita conclude this review of what is best of streaming or storage audio-media by saying that buying music in the store or on iTunes is still the thing to do. Only downside is the price of CD’s. Why are they more expensive than DVD’s usually?